Why do You Have Noxious Weeds?

Correct. What we usually see, you have to get to what’s the real problem here? Why did those noxious weeds, they are just a symptom, why did they start? Well they started because it was over rested really. It was over rested, then you get a build-up of litter, you get the noxious weeds starting because it is a perfect soil medium, that plant material just building up to start those noxious weeds. Then the noxious weeds get up, they block the sunlight so there is no sunlight getting in for those new grass seedlings. So you come in there with high stock densities, you break that all down, get that material incorporated back down to the soil surface. You open up that canopy then you get those new seedlings come and you have to give that enough recovery time so those seedlings get up and are established. So actually it was too much rest that caused that but we need to give it rest when we get the new seedlings established. Does that make sense?

So how long did that take from when you took it over? Are you still working on it?

Yeah that was 2011, was our first year and you notice difference each year. Remarkable difference. The other problem is they were coming in there with all their chemicals. The weeds nowadays are so resistant to that stuff they are more or less affecting the native forms negatively and all those good species. That’s why we made them remove the chemical usage on there. Yes?


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