The 4 Critical Steps To Successfully Starting
Your Farm Business Right Now

Michael is a farmer, presenter, inventor, and consultant who lives to help regenerative farmers apply business principles and best practices to farming and regenerative agriculture.

In this webinar, you will discover The 4 Critical Steps!

Step 1: Get crystal clear on your vision for your farm and how you will set it up.

Step 2: Write your simple business plan.

Step 3: Know your numbers and metrics for instant feedback.  

Step 4: Find the funding your farm needs.

And Discover More About:

  • How to Write a one-page business plan.
  • Which marketing channels are right for your farm.
  • How to read financial documents to tell your farm story.
  • Identifying who the right customer for your products are.
  • The Various types of farm funding and which one is right for your business.
  • Q&A with Michael Kilpatrick.
Farmers deserve a clear path to start their farm business.
Sign Up in the Start Your Farm Intensive Course and you will flesh out your farm idea craft your one page business plan, and discover the right funding options for your business!
No matter what stage of farming you are at, there is an option for you.

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Who is Michael Kilpatrick?

Michael Kilpatrick manages his own organic farm and helping start others, consulting for farmers and industry experts around the world, and speaking at dozens of conferences over the years.

He is passionate about educating through farm summits, Helping farmers build profitable and sustainable farms and communities, Hosting the thriving podcast where he inspires, educates, and celebrate the sustainable farming community, Guiding passionate subject experts to clarify, share and monetize their expertise and spending time with his family and creating memories.

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