Walter and Hugo: Mystery Problems with Saltbush

This interview was prompted by 2 events regarding saltbush and an apparent fungal disease.

Firstly a Farming Secrets member, Rod Fiedler called Hugo to discuss what was likely the problem with his salt bush plantings which were dying.

Shortly after The Weekly Times reported of a similar problem in a much larger planting by Bruce Maynard in an article “Trial In Search Of Justice” (29.06.16 page 59)

Hugo wants to know what light Walter can shed on the situation. Whilst Walter goes through some possible causes he also raises some further points to investigate

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2 Responses

  1. Could the cause of plant death, be wet conditions? We have had unusually wet weather this year. I have a few old man salt bush plants and the new ones stood in water for a while. They died. The old ones are still surviving.

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