Why Regenerative Organic Farming?

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We are painting the town green, not pink this year!

Have you heard that valentine's day has been hijacked?

It's Valentines day and farmers worldwide are celebrating something different...

National Regenerative agriculture day

What a special day to get together, farmers and foodies hijacking valentine's day all in the name of regenerative agriculture.

Fall in love with your farm again!

 Join in - its Free - to Watch Andre Leu and Hear Why. 

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Andre Leu is the Director of Regeneration International, a group that aims to promote, facilitate and accelerate the global transition to regenerative food, farming and land management for the purpose of restoring climate stability, ending world hunger and rebuilding deteriorated social, ecological and economic systems.

Andre is also a farmer in Tropical Queensland, Australia and is dedicated to restoring a healthy planet. He has written 2 books exposing the myths of safe pesticides..  A passionate and entertaining speaker.

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