It Takes Some Time to Build Soil Biology


Now that Haney Test I talked about, that’s the best test out there available in the States, and Dr. Haney’ll give the protocol to any lab anywhere in the world that wants to use it. There’s some equipment involved in that, but if you know somebody at a soils lab in Australia here, all you gotta do is call him. He’ll share the information on what he does. It’s the best test out there for helping producers determine how biologically active their soil is, and how much they can start backing off synthetics.

I recommend to producers who have access to that test, do it, and then fertilise according to what your agronomist says, according to what the Haney Test says, and you’ll start backing off and wean yourself off. Don’t do it overnight. You can if you have the financial means to do that, but realise, it take some time to build biology.


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