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Working with earthworms field day (Richmond)

Could earthworms improve productivity on your farm? A healthy population of earthworms can ‘turn over’ and fertilise tonnes of soil per hectare per week. Earthworms can improve soil structure and function and stimulate root and plant growth.

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Symphony of the Soil in May

What can properly made compost do for you? Many growers have tested it and are purchasing humus ( “black gold”) at considerable expense. They’ve seen that a small amount of QUALITY compost acts as a completely safe fertilizer, herbicide and pesticide all rolled into one, and as little as 30 grams can boost productivity over an acre when made into an actively aerated compost tea .

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MasterMIND – 2 day workshop

Increase farm productivity by stacking complimentary enterprises & improving your soil health. In marketing, offering vegetable customers something like dairy or meat increases customer spending. Joel Salatin will explore all these nuances, including how to add labour without guaranteeing a pay check.

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Celebrity Soil & Farm Health Event

Dr. Nicole Masters is a renowned soil scientist and high-value educator. Nicole will set the pace for the day and ensure that you leave with a clear idea of how you can enhance your farm activities and make our rural communities healthy and robust.

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Symphony of the SOIL

The key to vibrant plants which resist drought, heat, frost, disease and pest attack lies quietly under mulch in an aerobic living soil. The smallest things on Earth may also be the most powerful.

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Living Soils for Healthy Profits

What can properly made compost do for you? Many growers have trialled it and are purchasing humus ( “black gold”) at considerable expense. This day will teach you the rules of compost and compost tea making by practical activities , and if you miss anything….its all in your 75 page manual.

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Healthy Soils, Nutritional Food, Healthy People Workshop

Please join us for a free community workshop explaining the links between Healthy Soil – Nutritional Food – Healthy People, along with presentations focusing on the importance of producing and eating high quality food, which is sustainably produced with a minimum impact on the environment.

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What Is Nutrition Farming?

Understand if we do go back to root causes, that it all comes down to nutrition. In human health, in animal health, in plant health, nutrition is the key to everything. It all comes back to … and what is nutrition farming?

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New Block? Where Do You Start?

So you’ve bought your block of land. Where do you start? Well, plan … I actually start during site analysis. It’s a simple thing. You identify where north is, so where your sun’s going to come across, and make sure that you also do…

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