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2020 Savory Global Network Gathering

The Network Gathering is a biennial event of the Savory Global Network, open to all Savory Hubs, Accredited Professionals (AP’s), and Regenerating Members. It is our opportunity as a Network to come together in person, strengthening relationships while meeting new faces, and exploring the intersection of our collective efforts and ideas that make being in this Global Network truly worthwhile.

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Annual Event – A New Agriculture

Come and join us for NutriSoil’s Annual event. This year we will be holding the event at Huon Hill function center in Wodonga, VIC, with an optional dinner to follow. Traditionally we have attracted farmers to this event, with the aim of supporting them in building regenerative farming systems. This year we also invite people interested in human health, who are the consumers, to join us in the evening talk on Gut health. Our intention is to build consumer awareness that HOW food is grown, affects human health.

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Regenerative Farmers Network with Charles Massy

Regenerative Farmers Network (RFN) members and friends are invited to a Perth NRM grower focused event with Charles Massy and Wide Open Agriculture. Walter Jehne from Healthy Soils Australia will join us along with Dean Revell from Revell Science, Maarten Stapper from BioLogic AgFood, Dieter van den Broek from Commonland, and Kerry Grigg from Victorian

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