Sustainable Agriculture Course

In this series, Arden teaches farmers to create soil fertile enough to grow crops with better vitality, more nutrients, fewer chemicals, more resistant to disease and pests. As a medical doctor Arden understands that the leading cause of sickness is nutrient-poor food. As a farm consultant, Arden knows the cure isn’t pills but full spectrum soil fertility and food nutrition.
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What You Will Learn...


“The thing that we have to understand is that every organism is dependent upon its environment and as we change the environment, we change which organisms will survive or perish. As we change the nutrition in the soil, and the dynamics of what’s going on in the soil, we can set up the appropriate environment for the beneficial micro-organisms to survive, not the disease organisms. They do not like the same environment, particularly as it deals with oxygen. It’s a question of an anaerobic [oxygen-deprived] environment versus an aerobic [oxygen-rich] environment. The beneficial organisms are dominantly aerobic organisms. Our pathogens, or harmful organisms, are dominantly anaerobic-loving”.

“The environments that conventional agriculture has set up are predominantly anaerobic environments, so they’re most conducive to disease organisms.”
Ref. Restore Real Nutrition to Our Food Dr. Arden Andersen Organic Connections, July-Aug 2008

Who is this course is for:

For all farmers who wants to understand how sustainable farming works and how it can be done.

Course Content:

  • Overview and Background; Key Issues to Take Away
  • A Bird’s Eye View of Present Day Agriculture
  • The Real Purpose of Farming
  • Disease V Health
  • Practical Observations of Soil
  • Keys to Assess the Quality of your Produce
  • Human Nutrition Issues Are Farm Nutrition Issues
  • Microbiology Is Key to Disease and Plant Growth
  • Microorganisms Recycle Debris and Collate Minerals
  • Nitrogen Summary: The Drug of Choice in Chemical Farming
  • Breaking the Allopathic Mentality
  • Meaningful Measurements For Your Farm Program
  • Science In Agriculture
    Biology and Farm Programs
  • An Australian 3rd Generation Shares His Story
  • Successful Results Using and Observing Biology
  • Basic Mineral Programs
    Free Choice Minerals:
  • Fundamentals for Plants and Animals
  • The Story Of Glyphosate
    Arden’s Program for Health

Course Presenter:

Dr Arden Andersen

Dr. Arden Andersen

Physician, GP, Occupational Medicine, Aerospace Medicine Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (US), Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, Masters of Science in Public Health, Ph.D. in Ag Biophysics Agricultural consultant/teacher Farm heritage from Michigan – dairy Initial degree in agriculture – teacher Exchange student near Bant, NOP, NL