Stock Supplements – Farmers Reveal Easy Ways

Animals instinctively know what is best for them, so why not let them choose? Free choice supplementation is, according to Hugo, the easiest, quickest and most cost-effective way to maximise animal health.
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Fast Track Your Farming’ Mini-Course Series


For many years Hugo Disler has been making farmers aware of mineral stock supplementation for animals. He was an early on  advocate of the ‘Pat Coleby lick’ and was one of few retailers in the 1970’s who supplied the basic ingredients for the lick. However through experience he realised, as Pat has, that offering individual choice was the way to go. Animals instinctively know what is best for them, so why not let them choose? Free choice supplementation is, according to Hugo, the easiest, quickest and most cost effective way to maximise animal health.

The farmers featured in this “Walk the Talk” have all worked with Hugo over the years with the exception of Peter Armstrong who has worked with Gerhard Grasser. Apart from the discussion of the use of particular supplements and the results, each farmer has also been chosen to highlight the different types of feeders that they have so ingeniously designed and built.

Chapter 1. Gerhard Grasser introduces us to an overview of the value of free choice supplementation and the use of minerals on his and his son, Jordan’s dairy farm.
Chapter 2. Neil  Prentice who had been using the ‘Pat Coleby lick’ for many years with his cattle was encouraged by Hugo to offer individual choice after looking at his soil test. Neil realised that it was the quickest way to take the guesswork out of looking after the health of his cattle while also feeding the soil.
Chapter 3. Andy Ibbott, a conventional dairy farmer was quick to take up the free choice system when introduced to the idea. Andy is keen to increase his herd’s health and to eliminate costly vetinary products which he was using on a repetitive basis.
Chapter 4. Peter Armstrong is an experienced dairyfarmer who has been active in implementing many sustainable farming systems. Gerhard discusses with him the various aspects of his use of mineral stock supplements.
Chapter 5. Mark Boyd & Jodie Hill’s calf feeder
Chapter 6. Terry & Glenn George are leading breeders of alpacas, taking out many awards for their fleeces. This is a snippet to show their innovative feeders.
Chapter 7. Greg Mortlock award winning sheep farmer shows us his feeder made from old
44 gallon drums. To see more see the sheet enclosed.

Who is this mini-course is for:

For all livestock farmers who want to avoid stock diseases, increase production, fertility and maximise animal health.

Stock Supplements For Dairy – An Introduction by Gerhard Grasser
Gerhard Recommends Pat Coleby’s Stock Lick and Warns on Putting Out Copper
Cut the need to drench your cattle using free choice mineral supplements
Why use stocklick blocks?
Dramatic reduction in milk fever using Free Choice Feed
How to Treat Mastitis with Stock Supplement?
Reduce consumption of paddock feed by up to 30%.
Stock Supplement – Free choice ‘salad bar’ for animals

Course Presenters:

Gerhard Grasser and selected farmers

His passion for natural living and sustainable agricultural practices is unsurprisingly extended to those around him and hence the business was formed and grown substantially. His passion to teach others about natural alternatives for the environment and particularly farming never waned and this drive has lead him to expand his own knowledge and skills to meet the increasing demands of this “mentoring” role.

We'd like to thank Gerhard Grasser, Neil Prentice, Andy Ibbott, Peter Armstrong, Mark Boyd & Jodie Hill, Terry & Glenn George and Greg Mortlock for generously sharing their time and experiences with us.