How to Make Biodynamic Compost

Biodynamic composting is regarded by many to be the ultimate method of composting. Starting with conventional farm sourced materials plus the addition of biodynamic preps and minerals it usually requires turning once. It is then covered and left to ‘do its own thing’ while heat and the fermentation process along with the worms ‘cleans’ up the materials producing a compost rich in a broad spectrum of microbes and plant available minerals.
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What You Will Learn...


Watch and listen as Hamish starts from scratch and invites participants to build the compost pile with him.

Basics of static compost heaps

It is best to just start – no matter what

Who is this course is for:

For all farmers who wants to make biodynamic compost.

Course Content:

  • Putting Together a Compost Pile
  • About the Compost
  • Cow Pat Pit
  • Preparations

Hamish Mackay Introduces the Astro Calendar

Weed management with weed tea or peppering

Course Presenter:

Hamish Mackay

Biodynamics educator, gave a brief insight into the wonders of biodynamics and its practical contribution to farming. He pointed out that for little output biodynamic preparations could be made or purchased and these were used by both farmers and gardeners with outstanding results.