Compost Worm Secrets Revealed for Easy and Profitable Farming

Compacted soils and rising costs of fertilizers are frequently occurring problems which plague most farmers. Discover the secrets of worm composting with David Davidson and start reaping the benefits of worm castings, worm compost and worm tea for all growers. It’s quick, easy and economical.
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What You Will Learn...

Fast Track Your Farming’ Mini-Course Series


The Problem: Compacted soils, lack of rain and lack of money as a result of overstocking and lack of money for inputs.

What Did David Do?

About ten years ago David started reading about earth worms and compost worms and became very interested in the benefits that worms provide. Over the last 2 years David has intensified and perfected his worm farming operation taking advantage of the ample manure provided by his horses. He has quickly become a very successful commercial worm farmer and is a key supplier to commercial compost brewers and is a regular stall holder at numerous farmers’ markets.
David has also attended numerous courses including Dr. Elaine Ingham’s microbiology courses in his pursuit of deepening his knowledge.

The Results: David is the former President of the Australian Worm Growers Association Vermiculture Inc.
He now has a burning desire to help other farmers and gardeners and share the knowledge that he has acquired and is still acquiring. He is convinced of the outstanding benefits of worm castings, worm compost and worm tea for all growers and is encouraging all farmers to take up the practice of incorporating compost worms in their farming system. He sees it is the future of farming to provide healthy soils and has a passion to share his extensive knowledge with other farmers.

We’d like to thank David for his generosity in sharing his valuable experiences about his worm farming operation.

Who is this mini-course is for:

For all farmers who wants to simplify their farming practices and increase profit using worm castings, worm compost and worm tea.

Get Nitrogen Back Into Your Soil with Worm Tea!
Brewing Worm Tea: How to make sure that your water doesn’t kill the bacteria
Become Sustainable and Build Carbon in Your Soils.
Reducing The Food Miles and Your Fertilizers With Worms!

Course Presenter:

David Davidson

Former President of the Australian Worm Growers Association, David, with Beth, regularly attend the Farmers Markets in their area selling Compost Worms, Worm Farms, Worm Castings and their rapidly becoming famous, Worm Tea. They also send out dozens of Farmers Starter Kits each year to enable other farmers to embark in the chemical free way to sustainable farming. Not surprisingly, they named their business, “Davos Worm Farms”.