Regenerative agriculture a contentious trend still stirring emotions in Australia’s farming industry

Regenerative agriculture is definitely a volatile thing in Australia right now as many farmers have differing opinions on the topic. Regenerative agriculture is simply when farmers aren’t content with just using sustainable practices, they want to be able to repair negative impacts that have hurt their agricultural land over the past 200 years. Some of the naysayers regarding this practice point towards the farmers just trying to make a greater profit by using these practices. Scientific evidence points to a lot of skepticism as well. Regenerative agriculture will most likely continue to be a thing that causes debates within the farming world.

Key Takeaways:

  • The agriculture industry in Australia is utilizing new phrases to reignite passion into the farming community
  • All farmers can benefit from learning new techniques to improve long-term sustainability
  • Evidence from the scientific communities through proven outcomes can help persuade new perspectives

“The former president of the Grasslands Society of Southern Australia said she believed all farmers should understand their farm’s ecology and be intentional in keeping all aspects healthy, the soil especially.”

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