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A Biodynamic Farm, For Growing Wholesome Food
Author: Hugh Lovel
The inventory of knowledge that is generally warehoused under the classification of biodynamic is rich and timeless, and yet very few farmers have even…
A Soil Owner’s Manual: How to Restore and Maintain Soil Health
Author: Jon Stika
A Soil Owner’s Manual: Restoring and Maintaining Soil Health, is about restoring the capacity of your soil to perform all the functions it was…
Apple Cider Vinegar
Author: Patricia Bragg
Organic apple cider vinegar is the #1 food for maintaining the body’s vital acid-alkaline balance. Its powerful healing, cleansing, natural antibiotic and antiseptic qualities…
Farming Secrets Recommended Reading
Author: Rudolf Steiner
This edition restores the original format of seventy chapters, just as they were written for the Goetheanum weekly newsletter. This autobiography is not merely…
Back From The Brink: How Australia’s Landscape Can Be Saved
Author: Peter Andrews
Featured on Australian Story, Peter Andrews is a racehorse breeder and farmer credited with remarkable success in converting degraded, salt-ravaged properties into fertile, drought-resistant…
Farming Secrets Recommended Reading
Author: Rudolf Steiner
In 1923 Rudolf Steiner predicted the dire state of today’s honeybee. He stated that, within fifty to eighty years, we would see the consequences…

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