NutriSoil: A New Agriculture – Di Haggerty Presentation

Di and Ian Haggerty of Prospect Pastoral farm approx. 30,000Ha in the Western Australian wheatbelt.
They have developed a system of their own regenerative farming practices which they they call Natural Intelligence Farming.

Recently Di spoke at the NutriSoil Annual Event – A New Agriculture on June 28 2018 to a crowd of over 212 attendees.
In her presentation she explains how they are cropping on broad acreage in marginal conditions,
They use Nutrisoil, a compost extract they make themselves, minimal chemical and next to no synthetic fertilisers.
Their sheep play an integral role contributing to a healthy microbial soil.

They have now got native perennials growing over Summer contributing to healthy crops and much more to learn about in this presentation.

If you would like to learn more about the Haggerty’s – how they started and steps along the way, there is an excellent on farm
interview looking closer at the soil and crops.

Here is the link: 
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  1. 2341 Tone Rd Kojonup 6395 We are regenerating a large area of ex bluegum land back to pasture, very poor water holding capacity. I could grow clover here 50 years ago but not now ,we need to find a solution. William Harvey

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