ABOUT Carolyn Suggate

Company: ORICoop
Mentorship Topic: Organic & Biodynamic Farming

Who is Carolyn Suggate?

Challenges, overcoming, and pioneering new innovations and projects in all aspects makes life interesting, to say the least! Carolyn is focussed on key business projects including a collaborative community-based investment vehicle into the organic & biodynamic farming & food industry, and key partnerships with other like-minded businesses. Including finding the next generation of passionate and open-minded farmers to make this happen….. it is a great time to be an innovator in the Organic Sector! My husband and I also run our own organic livestock, food & artisan grain farm in North East Victoria, and hope that our farm can inspire many others to share the road less traveled! Life is to be lived and fulfilled as if it were your last….. Between 3 teenagers, a tree-climbing husband, a busy farm, and ambitious travel plan life are way too short sometimes!


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