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A tour of the land, understand the regenerative process,
see how the numbers are calculated & learn more about the Bricklet model

Boldly Regenerative

MetaFarms has launched to build a case study for regenerative agriculture. Founders “Regen” Ray and Teale are passionate about restoring farmland. MetaFarms allows for everyone to come along for the journey by allowing everyday Aussies to buy a piece of MetaFarm themself. This allows Australians access to this historic asset class, and allows for the team to regenerate farmland by leasing the farm from the owners.



7:30 PM Melbourne Time

What You Will Discover During This Live Webinar:
  • A virtual farm tour, see the farmland we have our eye on and discover what we are looking for and why this farmland has our attention
  • Discover more about the farm management style and the process of regenerating this farmland
  • Crunching the numbers, a worked example of how MetaFarms is projecting to deliver results. 
  • Explore deeper how the Bricklet model works and allows many owners to benefit from the lease agreement
  • Plus: See the many benefits of being an early MetaFarm supporter. Access to Food, Farm Tours, Workshops and more!
  • Come along and ask your questions during the Q&A with Ray and Teale from MetaFarms.

Are you still sitting on the fence about MetaFarms? This is the Webinar to attend to share your questions & comments

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Why we are doing this?

– It’s a valuable piece of farmland – productive land now is one of the fastest appreciating categories of real estate. We will show you the stats!
– We want you to have access to a great source of food via our CSA program.
– It lowers your cost of food, but more importantly, increases the quality of supporting your health and the health of your family.
– It becomes a place to visit, with regular farm tours & education programs that you can attend.
– You truly become part of a solid, honest, reliable, like-minded community of people just like you, making new friends, people with compatible values and worldviews.
– Together we want to build a case study farm to show how we can regenerate a farm and show others globally!
Come along to this webinar to find out all the details and ask questions on how you can get a slice of this amazing project in NSW Australia.

Who is Teale Simmons?

Fifth-generation Hawkesbury farmer Teale Simmons has co-founded MetaFarms, all while studying agricultural science at the University of Sydney. 


With a strong family history in the agriculture and farming industries, Teale has an unrivalled understanding and tenacious devotion to regenerative agriculture and environmental advocacy. 


Teale is the founder of Agresol, a regenerative agriculture consulting startup, as well as the Agriculture Explained YouTube channel, developed as an answer to a lack of resources discovered through his own recently completed HSC studies.



Teale is passionate about restoring degraded soils and rejuvenating barren landscapes back to productive fertile agro-ecosystems, all starting with the regeneration of MetaFarm.

Teale is trained in developing regenerative agro-ecosystems through John Kempf’s Regen Academy, with a focus on highly accurate plant nutrition management and soil health.


Who is 'Regen' Ray Milidoni?

Ray Milidoni is a soil health advocate, passionate educator and expert in the agriculture realm. With a strong belief that everything good in life begins with healthy soil, Ray has built a successful career teaching people about soil. He now works with mentors all over the world to create educational programs about soil, initiating inspiring conversations globally.


In the depths of the pandemic, Ray partnered with online education company Farming Secrets to take their business into the next generation of online learning, launching the Soil Learning Center. 


His soil successes with Farming Secrets were closely followed by the recent launch of his podcast Secrets of the Soil, on which he interviews experts to unpack important soil subjects. 


Moreover, Ray is formally trained in Holistic Management and has extensive experience in sales and marketing.

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