Introducing Jerry Brunetti and a quick overview of his 2 day course: “Ruminations on Life – Nutrition and Health for Cattle, Sheep and Other Grazing Animals”

Listen as leading animal nutritionalist Jerry Brunetti talks  about the importance of nutrition, farm biodiversity and the importance of seeing the farm as a whole system. Do you see your farm as a whole organism? Jerry questions the use of the world ‘sustainability’.
Jerry Brunetti - Ruminations On Life
The 6 Film set “Ruminations On Life – Nutrition and Health for Cattle, Sheep and other grazing Animals” is the best resource anywhere for a detailed whole picture view of natural, healthy farming. It is the complete recording of a 2 day course led by Jerry Brunetti. Jerry is a walking encyclopedia with a vast storehouse of knowledge which all of us would do well to listen to.
Each set comes complete with the Course Manual so it is almost as good as being there.
CDs of the course are also available which are great to play when driving around on your tractor.
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We explain how to increase your soil carbon levels
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