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These are Sneak Peeks of the 8th Stipa National Native Grasslands Field Trip: First Stop at ‘Pantawalba’, a grazing property establishing introduced C4 grasses.

We hear from the owner David Bradley and his project to establish native grasses on his grazing property.

Then we see Bob Myers in the paddocks. He is helping David with establishing native grasses.

Lastly we hear from Colin Seis who explains how C3 and C4 grasses work together.

Colin Seis writes that since the early settlers, the magnificent grasslands that existed have been systematically destroyed.
They were mostly destroyed by inappropriate grazing and cropping practices leaving degraded grassland with introduced pastures.

These pastures are costly as they require a different soil chemistry and lack the immense biodiversity and therefore resilience of the native grasses.

It is well worth any farmer taking the time and effort to learn how to regenerate or reintroduce native perennial grasses.

This is a sneak peek of the “8th Stipa National Native Grasslands Conference Theme: Potential of Native Grasses” DVD presented by 15 speakers in 3 Days. To see more clips and how to get a copy of the DVD, go here:

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