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Martin Williams
Post Workshop Thoughts from Farmers​
Jason Maloney
“Farming Secrets is the right thing at the right time. Those of us who understand that we have to start doing things differently and are brave enough to actually start doing it differently, need a forum whereby we can support each other and learn from each other.”
David Davidson
(Worm Farmer), Broomfield, Victoria, Australia
"Hi, RE : The Hugo, This bloke seems half allright!! Does what he says and when, doesn’t mind talking to me ( about my stuff, while I’m doing my own thing cattle carrying on in th’ background,) and even listens to my concerns , and offered suggestions that I was pleased with. I really want to change this farm( for the better !!) , and even tho’ I haven’t known my new friends (may I call you that ?), for long, I am MORE than happy to listen to and act on their (his?) advice to improve my farm’s health AND mine !! Here’s to the future!!"
Kerry Sims
(Cattle Farmer) Beaconsfield, Tasmania , Australia
“Dear Helen and Hugo,
We are so grateful to have received information about this ‘new’ farming system recently. We say ‘new’ but biological farming has been proven to work for years but unfortunately to date it is not readily accepted in our area. Our family, normally conservative, has embraced the ideas with great enthusiam – with the help and valuable knowledge that can be accessed via the Hugo and Helen’s Farming Secrets organisation we hope to greatly improve our soil structure and grow crops and pasture with natural products. Deciding to accept and perservere with the natural system is the first vital step. We look forward to a long and lasting partnership with Hugo, Helen and company.”
Jennie, Peter & Anthony Hammon
(Sheep and cropping), Benalla, Victoria Australia

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