Frank Harney, Elmore Compost and Organics

Frank Harney
A Farmer Tells His Story
Demand for Frank’s Compost Makes Him Go Organic

This is a great story of a passion for farming, combined with
innovation and persistence. Not only has Frank reduced his input
costs but he has created a huge demand for his healthy produce.
It will encourage all farmers to find ways to thrive without the
inputs farmers are told that they must use.

Thanks to ORICoop for allowing us to film Frank’s story told at their recent AGM

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7 Responses

  1. So good to hear a positive story coming from a chemical farmer who has seen the light. I wish I was 20 years younger so that I could get back into bigger farming again. Now only farming 300 fruit trees, some chooks, some vegies and a few killers for ourselves and family and friends.

  2. What do you use as your compost base? wood chips , green waste from local council or manure from piggeries or poultry farms.

  3. Great story, here’s a fella who’s done it hard dealing with climate, banks,chemicals etc. and is coming out the other end the better for learning from his mistakes or what he believed to be right. That is inspiring and show’s that we should never give up.Good onya Frank.

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