Four Farmers Weigh In on Regenerative Ag Practices

Scientist and farmer Roberto Peiretti has told his peers that if farming systems don’t change, they simply won’t be able to meet the demand needed for the amount of food that needs to be produced. No-till can boost productivity and help farmers be more sustainable by helping them rebuild their soil and create organic products. Paul Overby is another farmer that is rejuvenating his farm by adding cover crops and pollinators to help his soil be more healthy. He also talked about how the key to soil health is having the roots of the soil continuously living.

Key Takeaways:

  • No-till can help boost productivity and increase the sustainability of farmers by helping them rebuild soil that was eroded.
  • According to Paul Overby, the most important thing to keeping your soil healthy is to keep the roots living.
  • Jason Mauck is known as a mad scientist and uses social media to test out his theories.


“Overby says he’s interested in adding more trees, pollinators, and implementing cover crop grazing. Private companies are gaining more and more interest, he says. And farmers better pay attention”


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