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I urge you to lock the door, take the phone off the hook, kick off your boots, grab your favorite drink, get comfortable and study this letter and watch our video . . . it is that important! It introduces something that is so revolutionary!

Farming Secrets Guarantees Profitable Viable Farming With Less Effort and Expenditure … Even If You Think You Know Everything There is To Know About Farming!

From: Hugo and Helen Disler
The Patch

Dear Friend and Fellow Farmer,

Let us tell you a story…

Once upon a time a farmer named Hafed owned a very large farm with orchards and crops. He was a wealthy and contented man. One day an old Buddhist priest visited him and told him how the world was made and about how diamonds were made and the influence of their great wealth.

That night, Hafed went to bed a poor man. He had not lost anything, but he was poor because he was discontented, and he was discontented because he feared he was poor. He said: “I want my own mine of diamonds!” Early next morning he sought out the priest. The priest told him he will always find diamonds near a river that runs through white sands and between high mountains.

So Hafed sold up his farm, collected his money, left his family in the care of a neighbor, and went searching far and wide for his diamond mine. In the end, out of money and out of food, his search proved fruitless. So very sadly, out of desperation and poverty, the poor, afflicted, suffering, dying man gave in and took his own life.

Meanwhile, the man who purchased Hafed’s farm one day led his camel into the garden to drink, and while at the shallow water of the garden brook, he noticed a curious flash of light from the white sands of the stream. He pulled from the water a black stone, having an eye of light that reflected all the colors of the rainbow. He took the curious pebble into the house and put it on the mantel and forgot all about it.

A few days later the same old priest came to visit Hafed’s successor, and upon seeing the flash of light on the mantel, he rushed up and shouted: “Here is a diamond! Has Hafed returned?” “No, no, he has not, and that’s not a diamond. That is nothing but a stone we found in our garden.” “But,” said the priest, “I tell you I know a diamond when I see it. It is definitely a diamond.”

Together they rushed out into the garden and stirred up the white sands with their fingers, and there came up even more beautiful and valuable gems than the first! Thus were discovered the diamond mines of Golconda, the most magnificent diamond mines of all time. That old farm revealed gems (the famous Hope and Regent diamonds among many others) which since have decorated the crowns of monarchs.

The moral of the story: had the farmer remained at his home and dug in his own cellar, or in his own garden, instead of wretchedness, starvation, and death by suicide in a strange land, he would have had found his dream… his “acres of diamonds”.

What’s This Got To Do With You?

Well, we are all a bit like Hafed, aren’t we? We are all looking for the next “bright shiny object” that will bring us our fortune … bigger, better and quicker returns. Perhaps it is a new fertilizer, or more fertilizer to improve on last year’s returns, or a bigger piece of machinery. Or maybe we even buy a new farm or a bit more land.

It is so easy to be chasing the results we think our neighbor is getting or that we read about in the latest farm journal. It’s only natural that farmers worldwide constantly want to improve and to get more from their lands.

We all know it is a constant, never ending search for improved yields and improved returns which seem to need more and more money to achieve. It often comes with little improvement, if indeed any at all.

Both the farmers in the story failed to recognize the wealth of their own farm until it was pointed out to them (by the priest). It was right beneath their feet all the time.

So where is the wealth on your farm?

I’m here to say it doesn’t take an ancient Buddhist priest to find your answer … simply let Farming Secrets help you discover it for yourself!

Wouldn’t you like to know how to enrich your soils … finally get a lively, healthy soil to grow better plants? Or to improve your animals’ health … just like the thousands of extremely satisfied farmers we have been helping for years? (Some in fact for over 30 years). Wouldn’t you like to know the dream of every farmer and increase your yields and profits?

I can tell you with absolute surety that it’s no “dream” – and can in fact be yours (for a whole lot less than you might imagine – but more about that later).

Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me?

My name is Hugo Disler and I grew up on a farm and have worked with farmers all my life. Back in 1964 I ventured into my first business partnership at the early age of 19 in agricultural contracting. This soon led to my partner and I starting a farm supply store. By applying steely focus and energy, we turned our first business into a resounding success in record time. We soon had two semi-trailers and six tray trucks to bring in and distribute produce and fertilizers.

The business was so successful we parted amicably after 8 years and I was able to expand the business to one of the largest farming supply stores in Australia, Edward D. Greenfield – known affectionately as ‘Greenfields’.

Over the next three decades, I met and talked with literally thousands of farmers, gardeners and animal owners who called in to seek our advice. What struck me over the years was so many tales I heard from farmers who had health issues that they blamed on the use of chemical sprays. These tales started me thinking … and enquiring. Were there other products that would replace these sprays? As I met with many reps of farm supply companies I constantly hunted for the best products … to not only give a good return for our customer, but for products that would also be safe to use.

I had discovered a passion – for assisting our customers to not only get the best product with a good return on their money but also look after our environment … and ultimately their health. People came from all over to buy our urea free blood and bone, our bags of mineral fertilisers and natural stock supplements. Pat Coleby, the renowned author of natural farming books, listed ‘Greenfields’ in her books as a farmer’s resource.

The story that changed my life … and ultimately yours!

In 1989, and event I refer to as my “turning point” caused me to radically reassess my direction and discover a better way for farmers. While running ‘Greenfields’, I learnt of a man who had developed a critical heart condition from using chemical sprays in his orchard. It was this horrific and all too common story that led me to unearth a serious new option to synthetic chemicals!

And I’m glad to report I was successful.

Ted was a model kiwi fruit farmer and Agricultural Scientist in New Zealand. He told the all-too-typical story of how he sprayed his orchard approximately 13 times per year with chemical pesticides. Despite this, he was still experiencing large amounts of fruit breakdown in storage amongst other problems.

Does this sound at all familiar to you?

Ted’s story continues. I listened intently while Ted told of trialing a liquid fish fertiliser on his kiwi orchard. He instantly discovered an enormous difference.

This new method couldn’t have been any easier for Ted. He now only needed to spray his orchard twice a year (11 times less than when he was using chemicals). Production increased dramatically and the incidence of fruit breakdown decreased massively.

A simple, cheap change saved him a LOT of money.

After learning of Ted’s fish liquid fertiliser and its success stories, my interest in the product intensified. ‘Greenfields’ quickly became a major buyer and it is this story of discovery that ignited my passion for getting this message out to the farming world.

I passionately wanted farming to be safe and to provide a healthy, productive and profitable return for farmers, and in discovering the method used by farmers like Ted I’d found the solution.


Business Sold to Focus Solely on Helping Farmers

‘Greenfields’ was sold and a new business ‘Vitec’ was bought in 1998. This company specialised in manufacturing natural fish and seaweed fertilisers and stock supplements. Even more valuable information was traded with farmers for their benefit and products developed as the farmers’ need arose.

I soon realized that spending as little as ten or twenty minutes on the phone to our clients would often increase their farm profits by 10s and 100s of thousands of dollars AND make farm life more enjoyable.

As the business grew, it soon became obvious to my wife Helen and I that farmers needed far more practical support to make the change to balancing their farming practices.

Coaching Farmers to Success

By now, farmers were calling us daily to seek our advice and support. With our broad knowledge gained from exchanging ideas with farmers, suppliers, attending conferences and reading extensively, we were able to help big and small farmers to discover hidden profits on the farm that they didn’t know they had.

There are numerous examples where we helped farmers drastically reduce the use of chemicals to save 100’s of thousands of dollars whilst dramatically improving their lifestyles. This has been done with ease … with all gain and no pain to the farmer.

Every day became exciting as farmers called in with their successes … and our business thrived.

But it also led us to start thinking again! So many farmers needed support, and were looking for change. This need inspired us to sell our business and share this ground-breaking information with more farmers, independent of products.

Our innovative and “revolutionary” ideas have increased some farm profits by over 1000% and yours could be next!

It’s only fair that you might think this claim is “a bit far-fetched”. And I can understand why you might think that way. However I make this claim in complete truthfulness.

But don’t just take my word for it! Here’s what others say:

My father is envious with how our sheep are more robust and active than his

Our story begins when Brad and I discussed the concern of the over-use of sheep drenches. My father drenches his sheep at least 5 to 6 times a year while we were drenching our sheep at least 3 times a year to prevent worm infestation especially Barbers Poll worm. Although our sheep appeared to be fat and healthy, Barbers Poll worm caused several sheep losses. The trepidation of sheep loss and the mounting expense of sheep drenches gave us a legitimate reason to consider alternative methods for the health of our sheep.

Early 2005 we commenced drenching our ewes with a mixture of a natural liquid stock drench. This was given to them in a normal drench back pack and drench gun which proved to be simple and easy. The results speak for themselves as our shearer has commented how fat and healthy our ewes are and my father is envious with how our sheep are more robust and active than his own ewes.

Although our paddocks have endured limited feed we have discovered that our cattle appear to be healthier and stronger since we have been adding a mixture of natural liquid stock drench in their water troughs two to three times a week. We also now use Pat Coleby’s Stock Lick mixed with a small quantity of barley to entice our stock. My father continually comments how our sheep and cattle as well as their off-spring have improved in size and bulkiness since early 2005. The proof is in the pudding!

Since the success of improved stock health we have commenced a two year farm plan with Vitec and SWEP. Recently our paddocks were sprayed with (natural liquid fish and kelp) and already seeing results of greener and rapid grass growth. We have spoken to other local farmers who are also switching to natural organic fertilisers as they are seeing the benefits on their own farms. With such victory results we now use (natural fertiliser) on our fruit trees and natural liquid fish and kelp) on our roses. Brad and I believe that getting back to basics will result in the future health of our soils, plants and animals.

Our thanks to you all at Vitec for the loyal support and dependable advice you have given us. We look forward to a long and happy association with Vitec and having a positive impact on our farm.

Sue Westgarth and Brad Mann, Mt. Gambier, South Australia

Skeptics See Improved Results Quickly

“Prior to purchasing Vitec products I was very skeptical about the claims Vitec put to their products (my husband Steve 100 times more so). We had a very nasty cold change the day we finished shearing. Stock that were already in poor condition due to drought became poorer. Drenching didn’t work nor did increasing their feed. As a last resort, I rang Vitec as by this time I was prepared to try anything.

The outcome was a cocktail of natural liquid stock supplements. I went out one morning and 2 were bloated up. I decided to dose them up on the cocktail, within half an hour their bloat was easing. There was also no incidence of bloat after that either. We have since used it on cattle that were doing poorly and have seen them improve also.

Well I guess that leads me to the next stage, that is convincing Steve that we need to give the ground a natural fix. I’ll let you know how I go. Thanks Vitec for providing a great product”

Steve and Katrina Birt, Sheep & Cattle, Turilla, NSW

I will be using it forever … I am totally convinced

“…. I am so happy with your (stock supplement) I will be using it forever. I am completely convinced of its value to the stock. Also Hugo your recipe for (natural inputs) has worked wonders. My paddocks stayed green when my neighbours had dried off, although my pastures are now dry also. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help. You have always treated me personally and I can only thank you for your help. You can rest assured I will promote (natural inputs) to any farmer as I am totally convinced of their value to the land and stock. Keep up the great work.”

Geoff Draper, Cattle Farmer, Kyneton, Victoria

How We Discovered a Way to Share

Although our businesses had provided us with a good lifestyle up to this point, the issue remained that there was little support for farmers to confidently make the steps to change and repeating valuable information constantly had to stop and a way found to be made more available.

With our shared passion to help farmers, the backbone of society, to grow minerally dense, nutritious food both profitably and joyfully, we decided to sell Vitec after years of success and take some time off to travel for a few months. As we travelled, we formulated a list which specifically covered all the things we considered were the main issue amongst farmers and they became the underlying purpose for our new company Farming Secrets.

Common Problems that Most Farmers Face Today

  • Where to go for independent farming advice and mentoring
  • Costs of failed crops and lower than expected production
  • Climate change
  • Diminishing net farm returns
  • Dissatisfaction in farming due to new problems and the cost to treat them
  • Rising costs of feeding animals
  • Increasing problems with weeds, pests and disease
  • Farm debt becoming harder to manage
  • Hard times becoming more frequent and good times further apart
  • Having to increase the farms size or walk away
  • GM
  • Health problems – human, animal and plant
  • Lack of support from the government and the financial institutions
  • And more recently soaring costs of synthetic fertilisers and fuels.

Now is the time to make the change

Times are tougher and conditions are changing. If you have ever wanted to get the best farming advice that will stimulate your business farming mind, electrify your enthusiasm, point you to overlooked opportunities in your farm and provide you with the best tools in your farm shed and hand you ready to use, incredibly powerful farming strategies for improving your stocks health and vitality, improve your crops, pastures and soil . . . even in adverse drought conditions – and discover how to avoid the biggest mistakes in farming, then this may be the most important letter you ever read.

Here's why...

Let’s face it . . . being a farmer is no easy task these days. You get up before the sun starts to shine, breaking your back all day only to find that changed weather patterns have knocked you for six.

YOU get almost no support from the banks or the government. Costs for fuel and inputs are increasing rapidly and, on top of this, you are continually being hammered on price. You also have the added stress of wondering if anyone within your family will want to continue on with your farm . . . a farm that’s most likely been in your family for many generations. And a farm that you would love to see viable and provide for future family generations.

We understand you are doing your very best to get the profits you deserve so that you can support your family and loved ones, without the need to find off farm work . . . and yet all that hard work and toil is just to make ends meet.

How the heck do you “get ahead”? When do you get to reap the rewards, or have time off? Why can’t every season feel like it has been a bumper one?

Just where are YOUR acres of diamonds?

We help farmers just like you achieve amazing results through simple methods that are tested, proven to work and are 100% risk free. That is why we have decided to take this one step further and invite you to become part of our ‘Farming Secrets Club’.

We would like to help you avoid the costly mistakes that could be costing you a fortune and our offer to help you solve your biggest problems.

Here’s A Sneak Peak Behind The Barn Door At  20 Compelling Ways We Have Helped Farmers

They have been nothing short of amazing

  • Pastures and crops more drought resistant.
  • Farmers constantly getting above market prices for their produce.
  • Thicker pastures carrying more stock.
  • Weed infested paddocks have self generated with desirable species.
  • Compacted soils revitalized and regenerated.
  • Increased fruit size with better colour and taste.
  • Retained moisture in soils
  • Stock in extremely healthy and superior condition.
  • Larger, denser root systems.
  • More resistance to frosts.
  • Less insect and fungal problems.
  • Scouring disappearing.
  • Lower worm burden.
  • Elimination of eye problems.
  • Better weight gains in stock.
  • Birthing percentages far better than expected.
  • Stock able to feed offspring better.
  • Longer shelf life of produce.
  • Reduction or elimination of chemical use.
  • Better utilisation of dry feed . . . and the list goes on.

In fact, we cannot think of a farming problem that our team of experts cannot solve.

Here are just a few of examples of farmers we have helped:

EXAMPLE 1 Vin – Cattle grazing farmer on 600 acres in a very high productive area.


  • Farm viability was deteriorating.
  • Productive grasses being taken over by lower nutrient species.
  • Cost of renovating pastures was unaffordable.
  • Cattle prices not rising significantly.

What we did:

  • Introduced Vin to a farmer nearby who had been a client of ours for years.
  • Advised him on a program of revitalising his pastures with natural product in accordance to a proper independent soil test and to feed selected minerals to his cattle.


After 3 ordinary years of adverse conditions:

  • Vin got top market prices for his class of cattle
  • Enough feed to grow offspring out much longer
  • No longer forced to sell weaners
  • No need to drench cattle
  • Pastures more dense, stayed greener four weeks longer into the summer
  • Minimal aphid attack on his rape crop (whereas neighbors sprayed insecticides but still had their crops decimated)
  • Has a new awareness and confidence and enjoys talking things over with his wife.

EXAMPLE 2 Geoff – Merino sheep, cattle and cropping farmer


  • He was sick and tired of incomplete information so had doubts about it.
  • He was not 100% sure that what he was doing was the best for his farm.

What we did:

  • In simple language gave detailed explanations on his options for his stock (sheep and cattle, pasture & cereal crops).
  • He put simple practices/steps into place.


  • Had excess feed to sell in a drought year when others were buying it in.
  • Production was above district averages for his cereal crop.
  • Did not have to spray for rust and no post-emergent weedicides used.
  • Reduced weedicide use and no fungicide yet neighborhood was busy spraying.
  • Increased carrying capacity on his pasture.
  • Reduced worm drenches to 2/3 of his sheep stock.

EXAMPLE 3 Alex – Cattle Grazing and Cropping Over 1000 Acres


  • Over 30 years of farming on the same farm found costs rising and production just average.
  • Gone were the bumper crop years.
  • New problems: Weeds needed more spraying, soil sticky in the wet and readily crusted reducing plant emergence.
  • Wheel tracks made in winter could still be seen over a year later.
  • Tried some natural products but they weren’t quite doing the job.


What we did:

  • Advised to do a proper soil test which showed big soil imbalances.
  • Recommended cost effective products
  • A new concept to use a wide mechanical weeder for cereal crops.



  • Huge savings on weedicides which more than paid for the mechanical weeder.
  • No crusting resulting very good strike rate.
  • Got an average crop despite a tough season.
  • Wheel tracks recovered within a week.
  • Stock did better on the stubble.
  • Stubble broke down more quickly.

EXAMPLE 4 Ian – Fat lambs, Wool and Cropping


  • Felt out of place in his own community as did things differently

What we did:

  • Helped fine tune his supplementary feeding
  • and non drenching for intestinal parasites.
  • Coached on marketing his fat lambs


  • Increased direct selling price by 100%
  • Confidence to sell natural products to neighboring farmers.

EXAMPLE 5 From $6 per bag to $46-$54 per bag (766% to 900% increase) Fred – Carrot grower in conversion to certified organic


  • Worked very long hours.
  • Getting low returns for his carrots ($6 per 20kg. bag)
  • Often left with unsold bags.


What we did:

  • Coached Fred to change his attitude and to adopt new selling techniques.



  • Year 1:

Selling 20 kg bag of carrots for $20 (instead of $6)

Was able to sell ALL his carrots.

  • Year 2:

Now certified organic

Gets between $46 to $54 per 20kg bag – guaranteed.

Demand has outstripped supply. 

Okay Hugo and Helen, This All Sounds Good . . .

But What Is Your ‘Farming Secrets Club’ And Why Do Farmers Like Me Need a Coach?

Good question! There are 9 answers – which will reveal to you exactly why our ‘Farming Secrets Club’ is critical to your ongoing farming success … but before we get to that, ask yourself this question:

“Do I need a coach, a mentor, a consultant, a farm advisor – or someone who is an expert in their farming field – giving me the tools and the solutions to help me look at various aspects of my farm with a different set of eyes as well as helping me to maximize my sales and profits?”

You may be tempted to answer no … BUT a wise person investigates what a fool takes for granted. Even if you are thinking, “I am just a farmer … what would I need coaching for?”

The truth is, maybe you don’t. Just perhaps you have the most profitable farm this side of the black stump and do not think for even one second, you could be more profitable.

Maybe you are right. We do want to point out to you though, that EVERY professional athlete in ANY sport has at least one coach . . . some have several coaches.

Think for a moment of the world’s top golfer … Tiger Woods. Practice and expert coaching are part of his daily routine. He might be the world’s leading golfer, but he is smart enough to surround himself with the experts that maximize his results. He appreciates the added value they bring him and constantly seeks their input.

It doesn’t stop there. Hollywood A-List Actors use coaches, even top politicians are coached by a Consultant or a spin doctor to polish their skills and fine tune their image (some obviously need more work than others). The trend over the years has witnessed a rapid rise in top executives, small business owners and entrepreneurs paying HUGE fees for personal coaching and the results are staggering to say the least.

Why should YOU and any other farmers be any different?

The next time you are watching your favorite pro sport, remember that 100% of them are being coached in some way.

The role of a coach covers many critical roles.

Everything from being a sounding board, a facilitator to ensure you are making good decisions, offering you great ideas in all areas of farming, motivating you to take the necessary action or recommending you to use the right products for your farm . . . helping you, coaching you to ensure you will increase your profits.

Playing devil’s advocate will happen too.

All of this is designed with YOUR success being the number one priority. Does that sound fair enough to you?

Good. We are glad you agree. Now, back to the answers to your question …

1. As a farmer, you are also in business which means you will benefit enormously from being part of our ‘Farming Secrets Club’. The club is really one big farming community where smart farmers like you will have access to farming experts literally on hand, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week through the various services being offered. This all means you will have access to the best farming advice available at your finger tips.

2. After helping many thousands of farmers achieve amazing results using the strategies, products and advice that ourselves and our team have recommended together, we are more than qualified to get you to where you want to be in your farming business.

3. We are real. We are current. We are no ‘pretend farming experts’. When we started looking back at the enormous changes our farming customers have been getting over many, many years (decades actually) and then reading their testimonials, we realized it wasn’t just farming products or tools that had helped them be even more successful. When these were combined with consulting/coaching, the results were life changing.

4. YOU have ZERO Risk because you are protected by Farming Secrets Double Guarantee. Free 100% money back guarantee (which we cover in full detail later in this letter). Basically, you can test drive ‘Farming Secrets Club’ for a full 365 days and if it hasn’t met the goals set when you apply to join, you can cancel and you are guaranteed to get a full refund and you can keep any bonuses too.

5. If you knew right this second that YOU could have a more successful and a more profitable farm, year after year, how do you think that might change you and your family’s lives? Would your money problems vanish? Would you enjoy asking your bank manager for a loan? Just imagine if you could get to take a holiday or two? Would you go to sleep less stressed than you have in years?

6. If you have ever felt stressed by the HUGE issues and problems with farming today, if you have ever wondered “How do I keep up with what is the latest and best farming strategies to become more viable, when I do not have enough hours in my day as it is now?” … then YOU need this program! NO ONE can keep on top of everything you need to know. The latest estimate is that knowledge is doubling every year!

7. By discovering how to be in total control of your farming program, you will be better equipped to know how to observe your farm, read a soil test, choose the correct farm inputs, understand natural ways of farming, increase farm safety, increase production through natural inputs and put more money into your bank account.

8. Throughout time, the most successful people in ANY field, had very common characteristics including: a burning desire to succeed, acquire specialised knowledge, are decisive, take action, set goals and more importantly they are all part of a mastermind group.

9. Too many farmers are leaving too much money lying around in the paddock misled by costly farming myths, through lack of knowledge, through lack of time, through lack of cash flow and that is exactly why we are putting together our ‘Farming Secrets Club’. We will reveal the costly myths and put you on track for farming success.

The Number 1 Question YOU Need To Ask Yourself…

Before you read any further – you need to answer this question. If your answer is ‘NO’, there is no point in reading anymore of this letter.

On the other hand, if your answer is ‘YES’, then please keep reading. If you have read this far, you are obviously not an average person – you care. You are concerned about problems and want to find solutions. You want to think for yourself.

The number one question is: “Are you willing to learn, are you prepared to listen, are you coachable, even if you do not always agree with what the experts are saying and will YOU take the necessary actions needed to fulfil your farming dreams”?

Good. YOU are still here and obviously your answer was yes, otherwise you would have stopped reading by now.

The Sheep Farmers Dog . . .

You may not be a sheep farmer; however I am sure you can relate to just how effective a good sheep farmer’s dog is at rounding up the sheep from the paddock.

At first the sheep are not too responsive, the dog has to bark, nip their heels, jump on their backs . . . all the time guiding the sheep and steering them towards the ultimate goal . . . doing whatever it takes to get the sheep into the exact position the farmer wants them to be in.

Having a farming coach and being part of our ‘Farming Secrets Club’ will help you sort out the wheat from the chaff when it comes to the ultimate success of your farm.

Ourselves and our team of farm experts will be like the sheep farmers dog . . . guiding you, supporting you and nipping your heels if necessary, to get you towards your ultimate goals with your farm.

Beautiful Pasture – no onion grass!

I have been using (natural fertiliser) for 4 years and two years ago I cut hay and two weeks later I was able to graze for a further period of 10 weeks as the growth continued (my neighbour who cut hay at the same time grazed only for two weeks.) The difference was the (natural fertiliser) stimulating and supporting growth. The pastures have kept the sheep in supreme condition. My grazing methods have meant I have completely outgrown onion grass.                       

                                                       Philip Gredig, Superfine Merinos, Coleraine, Vic

Let's Take A Sneak Peak At What You Will Discover

As A ‘Farming Secrets Club’ Member . . .

I dare you take a look at this long list of benefits and not discover a pile of them that you wouldn’t want to know more about.

Some of these will not apply to you as each farmer is slightly different. Most farmers though, will have many of these benefits in common.


Discover how to get healthier livestock.


Discover how to solve eye problems in your livestock.


Revealed: How to procure premium prices for your produce and livestock.


How to apply the right amount of nutrients in your soil without using synthetic fertilisers.


How to get nutrient rich pastures which means more profit from your stock.


How to increase your profits and minimize your losses which means your cash flow runs smoother and you are less reliant on your bank.


How to keep your animals in peak condition which means they are content, disease free without the use of chemicals.


How to increase your stock carrying capacity using simple, highly proven farming techniques.


REVEALED: How to lower the cost of inputs which means more cash left in reserves.


Discover how to have enough grass all year round.


How to avoid malnourished stock and increase fertility rates.


How to avoid high worm counts, bloating, scouring and foot rot.


How to get rid of WEEDS without chemicals.


How to avoid years of lost production which means the sooner you increase productivity . . . the quicker your profits will soar.


At least 5 compelling reasons why you should choose the correct stock supplements.


Discover how to improve your water quality


REVEALED: The Key Soil Indicators that are critical to a healthy soil which means not only is your farm more viable for long term sustainability, plant and animal quality will increase . . . consequently reducing the need for controls such as pesticides, weedicides and drenches.


Discover the 3 critical factors to maximise your soils’ fertility.


How to use less chemicals and be more sustainable.


How to avoid your farm looking like a dust bowl and prevent your precious top soil blowing away


How to avoid producing lower grade produce which means better prices and more profits.


How to give your stock a price winning appearance.


Discover how to reduce worm problems – internal parasites in stock.


How to increase nutrient retention in sandy soils.


Discover the importance and the use of microbes in farming.


Discover how to get better quality grasses in winter which means more feed for your animals and lower costs for you.


How to control weeds and pests in pastures and crops which means fewer losses, more productivity and increased profits.


Discover how to get your farm so viable – your children will want to take over and pass your farm down through their generations.


Revealed: How to use low cost, natural farming techniques and products to dramatically increase your productivity.


Sustainable Regenerative Farming – discover everything you will ever need to know . . . from growing your home grown produce and being totally self sufficient, to running your entire farm using natural inputs and much more.


Revealed: The latest supplementation techniques and how you can use them.


How to reduce vermin and pests from your farm which means less stock and crop losses.


Tonne of worm activity throughout the vineyard


Discover the best ways to maximise your farm’s productivity during adverse weather conditions – including droughts.


How to avoid low crop yields once and for all.


Discover how to stop your soil from cracking in summer and sticking to your boots in winter.


How to achieve organic or biodynamic certification


How to combat salinity and correct non wetting soils


Learn how to be more in tune with your farm


Finally . . . Discover the best ways to plan for your retirement and take that overseas holiday you deserve.


And much, much more

Meet A Few Of Our Farming

Over time, the list of farming experts will undoubtedly grow. However we personally guarantee you that the people we choose have been chosen for a reason and they can help you. The information that they will offer you is priceless.

Already we have experts lined up ready to share their lifelong passion and valuable information with you. These are specialists in soil, microbes, organic and biodynamic farming, compost teas, animal nutrition, radionics and water quality to name a few. Expertise will range from consultations, being guests on ‘Farming Secrets Club’ teleconferences, DVDs, CDs/MP3s, books, articles and much more.

Dr. Maarten Stapper – International Agronomist … speaker and Agricultural engineer

Maarten Stapper is a farming systems agronomist who has lived, studied and worked in the Netherlands, Canada, USA, Iraq, Syria, and since 1982 in Australia.

His wide experience of production in dryland and irrigation wheat paddocks in southeastern Australia made him aware that most problems start with the soil, and thus solutions should commence there.

Maarten is a passionate speaker and talks of the connections between soil biology, soil health, and the overall functioning of agro-ecosystems. He sees many opportunities for Australian agriculture to reverse soil degradation and regenerate soils.

Much of Maarten’s time is now spent on farm coaching and advising farmers.

He is also a keen student of Peter Andrews, founder of Natural Sequence Farming

One of the Major Influences in Helping Them to Change

“I have seen some truly exceptional farmers who are light years ahead of anything I saw in America, particularly where it really counts, in the practical application and making it work on farm. Guess what, many of them cited you as one of the major influences in helping them to change and have the confidence to pursue biological farming. Please don’t ever give up with your inspiration… the farms I visited smelt great, the plants growing on them tasted great and the animals showed the most extraordinary heath, fertility and longevity, as did many of the farmers too!

Ben Mead, Nuffield Scholar, Cornwall UK

Dr. Elaine Ingham PhD – Soil Microbiologist … International Speaker and Lecturer

Dr Elaine Ingham is highly recommended to any farmer who wants to develop and fully understand how to get healthy, living soils. Do you want to increase the viability of your farm dramatically? Then buy the DVD set and sit in the comfort of your own home and watch and listen as Elaine explains and demonstrates.

Elaine’s worldwide reputation for her understanding of soil micro-life is growing faster than a new born calf. Her soil foodweb concept, insights on compost and compost tea and the life in your soil are nothing short of groundbreaking.

Elaine’s critical knowledge on how to solve the invisible soil fertility is mind blowing and this is one farming expert who you want to listen to every single word.

(Did you know that one of Elaine’s clients won 3 of the 6 prizes including THE prize at the latest Organic Federation of Australia Awards)

Understanding Why our Current Biology Attracts Weeds

I attended the 4 day workshop on True Fertility (Elaine Ingham). It’s been quite an eye opener for us being conventional farmers relying on chemicals, using pesticides and insecticides for our cereal crops and use with our cattle and sheep. …
The main thing that I have become aware of has been the role of the biology in agriculture and how it really hasn’t been encouraged with our current management practices, understanding why our current biology attracts weeds and so forth. So by improving the biology we should be able to reduce our weed burden…. I started on this journey.. to try to understand better how to feed our cereal plants and grasses.

John Bedwell, Clunes, Victoria

Jerry Brunetti – International Speaker, author …. Animal Nutritionalist

Jerry is known internationally and he is a true gift to you if you are a farmer who wants to take control in an informed way and make your farming simpler, easier, healthier and more productive.

Jerry’s unparalleled understanding of the interrelated dynamics of biological systems together with his rare insight into livestock feeding puts him into a class of his own.

His true genius shines through like a lighthouse beacon when he correlates what we all know about plant nutrition with animal and human needs.

Jerry’s very popular DVD series ‘RUMINATIONS ON LIFE’ . . . Nutrition & Health for cattle, sheep and other grazing animals is a must have for any serious farmer.

Gwyn Jones – Speaker, Author . . . Natural Farming And Soil Consultant

Gwyn Jones has been described as a man of intuition and with good reason. He has devoted his entire life to the soil

Gwyn regularly consults and trains farmers giving thorough, sound information

If you are just starting out to follow natural farming practices or you want to develop a clear, simple and sound system when it comes to your farming interests . . . this is one man you want to listen to.

John Feehan – World renowned Speaker … former CSIRO entomologist

John Feehan, The Farmers Friend, operates a dung beetle consultancy business out of Canberra

John coordinates the largest and most efficient collection and
redistribution of dung beetles in the world.

John has been promoting the management of dung beetles for more than 15 years and has redistributed more than 3,000 colonies to date.

John operates a farmer only identification service and has willingly given many thousands of hours service to the survival of dung beetles and education of our communities.

Between the various farming experts, consultants . . . we have all areas of your farm covered . . . lock, stock and barrel.

The ultimate secret… Farming Secrets

Our ability to connect with farmers and understand the real issues makes Farming Secrets one of the most highly sought after information networks on sustainable, easy, profitable farming in the world. The language on Farming Secrets is down to earth and our presentations are straight, to the point and highlight areas for improvement and ideas to overcome the issues farmers are facing.

With the partnership of world experts, Farming Secrets is able to demonstrate how to farm profitably without the use of synthetic chemicals. Our members will walk away with actual tools they can apply the next day to bring about profitable results, and you will see results right from the beginning. For natural farming is a system – it works!

We stress to anyone considering investing in the Farming Secrets membership or informational DVDs that we do not advocate “get rich overnight” schemes, but what we do advocate is that there are easy, natural ways to farm that will not only save you money and increase your profits but also protect the health of your crops, live stock and you!!

Once you get your soil turned around and into a healthy state, things will really happen: high yields of crop with very high nutritional value and healthy, high-producing animals. And your family’s health will also improve. And all this for less expense than what you spend now for fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides, and vet and doctor bills.

All it Takes is Time and Patience

Of course there will be a transition period while things are turning around, while the soils are being rebalanced and the beneficial organisms are being re-established. Natural farming is based on natural laws and systems and seeks to work with them, not against them. This is when you will need patience and optimism, and plenty of reliable advice. Farming Secrets is a knowledge bank filled with years of firsthand experience in the field and new better methods of farming that are being tried and tested with extraordinary results.

It is designed to help YOU build up a sustainable, regenerative and viable farm based on proven techniques However, when applied diligently, the surprising thing is the simplicity and ease with which this science works; in fact it could almost be described as magic.

Let's Take A look At What YOU Get As A Member Of the

Silver Membership

Each month you will get the opportunity to participate in a 60 minute live teleconference with one of our handpicked farming experts where you will get to listen, learn, ask questions and implement.

These will be 60 minutes of pure content, live, not scripted and promise to over deliver more ways for you to improve all areas of your farm.

YOU can even submit questions prior to the call and we will ask the guest expert to give you the answers you need.

Also, at the end, we will open up the lines for you to ask your most burning questions where you will get the answers on the spot. After all . . . this is for YOU.

Understand that just one idea, one strategy; one possible farming scenario that can kick your farming profits into gear will be worth more than the entire investment in ‘Farming Secrets Club’ alone.

Each Monthly teleconference you will get an Mp3 audio file so that you can listen to it again and again.
If you want to be able to replay all of the gold nuggets our farming experts and us will deliver to you, then this is for you. Each month the CD will be posted to you free of charge.

This is what every farmer has been waiting for! A chance to see and hear what other farmers are doing to make changes – his wins and his losses! Already we have been visiting farms with a consultant or expert to find out the history and the results of applying more natural practices. How would you like to SEE what other farmers are doing? Each month we’ll take you on farm to see exactly what another farmer is doing to become more profitable and productive. Most times we will go on farm with an expert who will reveal to us what makes a healthy, sustainable farm. We will explore the different ways to observe the indicators of soil, plant and animal health. We will examine different management systems and farming styles. You will see how to do different soil tests to find out the biological, chemical and physical properties of different samples.

Every month you can view these straight away on your computer or wait until we send you your own copy in the mail….right to your door every month.

If you want to be able to replay and view the entire farm walk you hear and see each month . . . then this is for you. Each month the DVD will be posted to you free of charge. (Australia only)

If you want to be able to replay and listen to the entire farm walk you see and hear each month . . . then this is for you. Each month the CD will be posted to you free of charge. (Australia only)

On top of your 12 teleconference calls, we will open the lines to our office where we will be sitting, waiting and ready to answer your most pressing farming problems, the ones that could be giving you indigestion at lunch and insomnia at night – keeping you awake.

Most times it will be us or it’s possible another guest expert will be there, ready and waiting for your call. YOUR problem will be diagnosed and then you will get the best possible solution/s on the spot.
You will know well in advance when these will be held and you will need to be quick because we expect the line to be very busy. You will be limited to 15 minutes.

Over the year, every week you will receive a very detailed, one page letter which can include thoughts on current farming issues, references for you to go to, suppliers, important articles, tips and strategies that are designed to help you, remind you and basically tap you on the shoulder.

These will not necessarily be done on the same day each week. I can assure you of one thing – these will be priceless.

For as long as you are a Silver Member of good standing, you will receive a 5% discount on all books, DVD’s, CD’s, How To Manuals, Transcripts and eBooks. We cannot put a value on this . . . overtime this can add up to substantial dollars kept in your pocket.

Gold Membership

As a Gold Member, you will get everything that Silver Members gets, with a few of upgrades . . . PLUS you will get . . .

We are very excited about this part of the ‘Farming Secrets Club’ and sense that it will be the most valuable part of the whole programme.

You will get exclusive access to the ‘Farming Secrets Club’ discussion forum where you can ask questions, get the answers, make comments to help other members of this secret farming community.
Many farmers feel isolated in their community and so this is your chance to join the ‘Farming Secrets Club’ and feel part of an understanding community and get the support that you deserve and find like minded people to swap ideas with.

PLUS . . . You will be able to advertise YOUR Product/service on our Forum. A soon as there are any special offers they will be posted on the forum and are for Gold Members exclusively.

Imagine every quarter being able to pick up the phone and personally talk to us or possibly another one of the farming consultants/experts for a private, one on one 30 minute consultation and be able to discuss your most pressing farming issues.

These are designed to address your farming goals for the year so that you can maximize your sales and profits. By giving you 4 x 30 minutes consultations, you will need to be organized in advance so that we do not waste one minute.

YOU will need to be focused, committed and prepare your questions in advance to ensure you get the most out of each session. It is therefore strongly recommended that you fax or email your questions in advance.
We know from our extensive experience just how much value we can deliver to you each session and we will even show you how you can call for FREE

This is PRICELESS and worth so much more. Whenever you have a question, just go to the Farming Secrets Members website and type in your question. Your answer will either be immediate or be answered in 72 hours.

This is an upgrade from 5% discount Silver Members receive. For as long as you are a paying GOLD Member, you will receive a 10% discount on all books, DVD’s, CD’s, How To Manuals and seminars. We cannot put a value on this . . . overtime this can add up to substantial dollars left in your pocket.

Wow! That’s some list. . . however we have saved something EXTRA special for YOU until last and it sure is a big one.

So Let’s Summarise What You’ll Receive . . .


Value Per Year



12 Monthly Group Teleconference Calls With Farming Experts




12 Monthly Group Teleconference Calls With Farming Experts On CD




12 Monthly “Spotlight on a Farmer”




12 Monthly “Spotlight on a Farmer”




12 Monthly “Spotlight on a Farmer”




4 Quarterly BONUS Open Question & Answer Days




Weekly Farming Success Secret Tips




FREE Welcome Gift Certificate – First 47 People To Join




5% Discount On Books, CD’s And DVD’s




FREE Membership To The ‘Farming Secrets Club’ Private Forum




4 Quarterly Private, One on One 30 Minute Farming Consultations




Frequently Asked Questions – Knowledge Bank




10% Discount On Books, CD’s And DVD’s




Total Value Per Year




Your Introductory Price Per Year








YOUR Easy Monthly Subscription




Consider It All

OK. Let’s talk a little more about the investment required. No doubt you’ve been doing a mental calculation and thinking – this will cost me a fortune . . . right?


If you purchase everything separately . . . the entire Silver Membership package would come to $4512 (YOU save $3708) and the Gold Membership Package would come to $7813 (YOU save $6649). 

These are two powerful packages designed to help you become more successful as a farmer and business owner. To makes it easier on your cash flow – we have made each membership available as one low, monthly investment.

The Silver Membership will cost just $67 per month and the Gold Membership a low $97 per month.

You may be wondering why the membership price is so much lower than the full value it is worth. It’s a fair question. You’d hardly sell a luxury car for a fraction of its cost, wouldn’t you?

First of all, this is an Introductory Price only … so don’t miss out. We cannot guarantee that in future the price of membership will be higher. Now is the perfect time to join.

Second, because we can utilize the “power of the internet” to make it easier to communicate with most of our members … and because Farming Secrets runs better when there are more farmers as members … we can share in the costs and keep the membership as affordable as possible. So you get to access the massive value offered by Farming Secrets with an affordable membership investment that is easy on your cash flow.

In fact, you might even consider the investment in Farming Secrets to be “free”. Given the 10s and 100s of thousands of dollars you may save, the investment you make in Farming Secrets can actually mean there’s no cost at all … because the extra profits you make pay for your Farming Secrets membership.

Join the Farming Secrets Club Here


$ 67 Monthly
  • Monthly Group Teleconference Call With Farming Experts (Value: $1320 per year)
  • Monthly Group Teleconference Call With Farming Experts CD Recording (Value: $198 per year)
  • Monthly “SPOTLIGHT on a FARMER” online video With Farming Experts (Value $660 per year)
  • Monthly “SPOTLIGHT on a FARMER” DVD With the Farming Experts (Value $396 per year)
  • Monthly “SPOTLIGHT on a FARMER” With the Farming Expertss CD Recording (Value $198 per year)
  • Four Quarterly Bonus Open Question And Answer Days (Value $440 per year)
  • Weekly Farming Success Secrets Emails Or Faxes (Value: $1200 per year)
  • 5% Discount On Books And DVDs


$ 97 Monthly
  • Everything that Silver Members gets
  • FREE Membership To The ‘Farming Secrets Club’ Private Forum (Value: $793 per year)
  • Four Quarterly Farm Consultations (Value: $1,408 per year)
  • Frequently Asked Questions - Knowledge Bank (Value $1100)
  • 10% Discount On Books And DVDs
  • List Item
Best Value

As you can see, our ‘Farming Secrets Club’ Membership Program gives you everything you need to succeed in your farm business.

There’s nothing left to chance and there’s nothing for you to guess about. When you become a member, you will realize just how valuable this will be to you, your family, loved ones and your farm.

Maybe you are wondering if this will work for you. 

Perhaps you believe this won’t work for you and your farm?

Well we can honestly say with 100% certainty that it does and it will. The amount of success depends on how much effort you are willing to put in.

We fully understand that not everyone will be in a position to take advantage of our offer and that’s OK, but we must ask you . . . How can YOU afford NOT to get YOUR hands on one of our ‘Farming Secrets Club’ Membership packages??

If YOU are looking for a magic pill to fix all the farming problems in your life, you’re not open to new ideas, or can’t or won’t follow instructions OR YOU would prefer to simply do nothing . . . then this is not going to work for you either.

It’s not magic. You’re going to have to work for your success.

So, you will have to convince us you’re serious – that you’re ready to take MASSIVE action right now, otherwise we’re afraid that we won’t be able to let you join.

I’m assuming that you are serious and you’re ready to get started right now……. So if you’re keen to make a 100% no risk “guaranteed return on your investment” choice about the future of your farm, then fill out your response form now to find out how you can get started straight away…..

Remember, this is a 100%, totally, absolutely, completely risk free investment

But what is going to happen if you don’t join? DO you really want to keep going the way you are now or even get left further behind with reduced yields and increased costs? Wouldn’t you like to accelerate where you are going and enjoy the rewards that Farming Secrets can bring you NOW? Wouldn’t you like more choices and support when you make those hard decisions?

BUT it does take guts. It takes courage to break out of the mold. To be different from your neighbors. To try something new. To change.

Are YOU ready to change because agriculture is changing.

The present system with ever increasing costs is degrading the environment and costing our future.

Whilst official figures show that the organic industry is increasing by 20% annually, thousands of farmers worldwide are looking for answers in the face of rising fertiliser, chemical and fuel costs. They need other options as their soils harden and yields are harder to maintain. Although these farmers do not show on official charts because they are not certified, many are choosing to use natural products. It takes time to convert to organics but You need to be ready! The next big wave is the demand for Clean, Green food.

If You Seriously Want To Make YOUR Farm More Profitable, Secure Your Membership NOW!


$ 67 Monthly
  • Monthly Group Teleconference Call With Farming Experts (Value: $1320 per year)
  • Monthly Group Teleconference Call With Farming Experts CD Recording (Value: $198 per year)
  • Monthly “SPOTLIGHT on a FARMER” online video With Farming Experts (Value $660 per year)
  • Monthly “SPOTLIGHT on a FARMER” DVD With the Farming Experts (Value $396 per year)
  • Monthly “SPOTLIGHT on a FARMER” With the Farming Expertss CD Recording (Value $198 per year)
  • Four Quarterly Bonus Open Question And Answer Days (Value $440 per year)
  • Weekly Farming Success Secrets Emails Or Faxes (Value: $1200 per year)
  • 5% Discount On Books And DVDs


$ 97 Monthly
  • Everything that Silver Members gets
  • FREE Membership To The ‘Farming Secrets Club’ Private Forum (Value: $793 per year)
  • Four Quarterly Farm Consultations (Value: $1,408 per year)
  • Frequently Asked Questions - Knowledge Bank (Value $1100)
  • 10% Discount On Books And DVDs
  • List Item
Best Value

Just in case there is still some lingering doubt – we have decided to make your investment absolutely Risk FREE . . . with our extraordinary guarantee:

Our No Risk Money Back Guarantee

Ecological Soil Management Course is fully guaranteed. We Provide A 100% Guarantee That If After 30 Days Of Participating In The Course You Are Not Happy With Any Aspect Of The Course Your Money Will Be Returned In Full and you can keep any bonuses you have already received.

Farming Secrets Double Guarante 365 Day Zero Risk Free 100% Money Back Guarantee

We personally guarantee that you will be absolutely thrilled with your membership to ‘Farming Secrets Club’ – We are providing you with a ZERO Risk, 100% Money Back Guarantee.
We invite YOU to take full advantage of either the SILVER or GOLD ‘Farming Secrets Club’ membership for a FULL 365 DAYS. Watch the videos, take part in the forums and Q&A days, listen to the live conference calls and CDs, read the emails and blogs …extract all the useful, practical, profit-boosting advice contained in your membership

In the unlikely event that you are not absolutely thrilled with your membership, and don’t believe it has met your goals, you can change your “maybe” to an emphatic “no” and get a FULL refund.

If you haven’t achieved any results within one year of being a ‘Farming Secrets Club’ member, simply ask for your money back. If we can’t show you how to get results, we simply don’t deserve your money.

The only condition to this guarantee is that you must be able to show us that you have made efforts to get results. That’s more than fair. After all, let’s get real here – it’s not going to happen if the DVDs and CDs sit on your shelf, and emails are left unopened and you don’t ask any questions. You’ve got to take some action.

Keep All The Free Bonuses Anyway Guarantee

What’s more, we will insist that you keep the ANY MATERIALS received from your Farming Secrets membership as our way of saying sorry for wasting your valuable time.
We know the value that you will get and we’re prepared to back ourselves that it does everything that we said it would. This is the fairest Guarantee that we can Offer!

YOU be the judge, jury . . . and executioner if we’re wrong!

How Fair Is That Guarantee?

If you’re serious about your farm and igniting your sales and exploding your profits – you owe it to yourself to join right way.

JOIN NOW and get ready to wake up the farming genius inside YOU and fall in love with your farming again!


$ 67 Monthly
  • Monthly Group Teleconference Call With Farming Experts (Value: $1320 per year)
  • Monthly Group Teleconference Call With Farming Experts CD Recording (Value: $198 per year)
  • Monthly “SPOTLIGHT on a FARMER” online video With Farming Experts (Value $660 per year)
  • Monthly “SPOTLIGHT on a FARMER” DVD With the Farming Experts (Value $396 per year)
  • Monthly “SPOTLIGHT on a FARMER” With the Farming Expertss CD Recording (Value $198 per year)
  • Four Quarterly Bonus Open Question And Answer Days (Value $440 per year)
  • Weekly Farming Success Secrets Emails Or Faxes (Value: $1200 per year)
  • 5% Discount On Books And DVDs


$ 97 Monthly
  • Everything that Silver Members gets
  • FREE Membership To The ‘Farming Secrets Club’ Private Forum (Value: $793 per year)
  • Four Quarterly Farm Consultations (Value: $1,408 per year)
  • Frequently Asked Questions - Knowledge Bank (Value $1100)
  • 10% Discount On Books And DVDs
  • List Item
Best Value

It doesn’t matter if it’s 2:00 a.m. in the morning!

The Ball Is Now in Your Court . . .

We’ve done everything we can to prove how valuable our ‘Farming Secrets Club’ Membership will be to you and your farm.

The ball is now in your court . . . it’s up to you which way it bounces.

If you want to ‘DOUBLE-FAULT’ . . . don’t register.

On the other hand, if you want to serve an ‘ACE’ . . . then you know what to do.
There is a better way! Natural farming is the way to go. Just farm more naturally or join the fastest growing sector of agriculture – organics. It is the big wave of the future. It is growing at over 20% annually as more and more demand is being made for organic food from the consumers, especially for children who increasingly display more food allergies and illnesses due to nutritional deficiencies.

So just to recap

When you join the ‘Farming Secrets Club’ Silver Membership

  • You get a 60 minute Conference Call LIVE with the experts EVERY month
  • You get a Spotlight on the Farmer Video EVERY month
  • You get the copies of each of these PLUS the full audio of these sent to your door EVERY month. Every single second is recorded for you.
  • You get a farming Success Fax or Email on Hot Topics sent to you Weekly.
  • You get FOUR Question and Answer Days
  • You get 5% off ALL Farming Secrets products including DVDs, CDs and Transcripts
  • You get a Chance to Receive a Farming Secrets Gift Certificate $100

Plus ….you get everything that the ‘Farming Secrets Club’ Silver Membership gets Plus all these extras when YOU join: ‘Farming Secrets Club’ Gold Membership

You get the most exciting and valuable part of Farming Secrets.

  • You get to be on a Forum which is set up for ‘Farming Secrets Club’ Gold Members exclusively
  • You get FOUR Private 30 minute consultations 1-on-1
  • You get to advertise YOUR products on the Forum
  • You get 10% off ALL products which includes DVDs, CDs, MP3s, Transcripts and Books
  • You get to have replies to all your Questions and Answers

But You’d better Be Quick!

If you join as a ‘Farming Secrets Club’ Gold Membership within the next 72 hours there’s an Extra Special Bonus!! You have a chance to be selected for a complete FARM MAKE OVER! Can you imagine the incredible value of having the experts getting together to put YOU in the Hot Seat and go over your whole farm system?

This means that you get to tell us all about your farm and we will call on ALL the experts to advise you on how to implement the best farming systems to get your farm in peak performance state! How’s that? You will be supported for an entire year.

Farming Secrets Club Membership” PRIORITY Enrolment Form

YES! I Want to join the “Farming Secrets Club”

To get all the free bonuses you must be one of the first 37 to sign up, you can’t afford to wait. You need to take immediate action by doing one of the following:

1. Order online via our SECURE online ordering link. Go to to register.

2. Simply fill out the order form enclosed with this letter and fax it to us on
03 9756 6521. For international order our number is + 61 3 9756 6521.

3. Simply fill out the order form enclosed with this letter and post it to PO Box 26
The Patch Victoria 3792. Ring our 24/7 FREE call on 1800 800 466. Just leave all your details and we’ll post your registration out to you immediately.

5. If you live locally why not visit our office and register in person. We are located at 29 Kallista-Emerald Road, The Patch.

We are approx 300m down from the bus stop situated at the corner of O’Connors Road. Our office hours are 9-5, however try not to come during our lunch hour – we after all do enjoy a quiet lunch.

The very second your order arrives your bonuses will be rushed straight to your door…..


$ 67 Monthly
  • Monthly Group Teleconference Call With Farming Experts (Value: $1320 per year)
  • Monthly Group Teleconference Call With Farming Experts CD Recording (Value: $198 per year)
  • Monthly “SPOTLIGHT on a FARMER” online video With Farming Experts (Value $660 per year)
  • Monthly “SPOTLIGHT on a FARMER” DVD With the Farming Experts (Value $396 per year)
  • Monthly “SPOTLIGHT on a FARMER” With the Farming Expertss CD Recording (Value $198 per year)
  • Four Quarterly Bonus Open Question And Answer Days (Value $440 per year)
  • Weekly Farming Success Secrets Emails Or Faxes (Value: $1200 per year)
  • 5% Discount On Books And DVDs


$ 97 Monthly
  • Everything that Silver Members gets
  • FREE Membership To The ‘Farming Secrets Club’ Private Forum (Value: $793 per year)
  • Four Quarterly Farm Consultations (Value: $1,408 per year)
  • Frequently Asked Questions - Knowledge Bank (Value $1100)
  • 10% Discount On Books And DVDs
  • List Item
Best Value

 We look forward to helping you improve your farm’s viability and profits soon.

Farming Secrets Guarantees Profitable Viable Farming With Less Effort and Expenditure … Even If You Think You Know Everything There is To Know About Farming!

Hugo and Helen Disler

PS. We nearly forgot to mention an Extra Special Fast-Acting BONUS! The 1st 37 people to join will automatically become a FOUNDATION MEMBER of the ‘Farming Secrets Club’. As a Foundation Member you will secure the full benefits of the level that you join at the monthly membership fee that you pay today. Your fee will never be increased. If your order number is 38, I’m sorry you just won’t qualify for our special Offer. You can’t afford to wait.

PPS. As another EXTRA BONUS, the 1st 47 to join will also be guaranteed to receive a $100 Gift Certificate which can be used to purchase any Farming Secrets DVD. Visit our store to see the full range for yourself. This is a limited offer which we reserve the right to withdraw after the 1st 47 people.

PPPS. And remember if you act FAST and join with in the next 72 hours you will be among the farmers who could be selected for a COMPLETE FARM MAKE OVER

PPPPS. Without sounding like a broken record . . .this is only for those people who are serious about
their farm’s success, who want to create a successful, profitable farm, one that their children and grandchildren will want to continue farming for generations to come.

It’s not for skeptics, procrastinators or people seeking a hand out.

We may be blunt, but we are telling you the truth.

If you are serious . . .
then we urge you to fill out your response form now and reserve YOUR Membership NOW.

PPPPPS. Please read the Frequently Asked Questions booklet enclosed with this letter.


$ 67 Monthly
  • Monthly Group Teleconference Call With Farming Experts (Value: $1320 per year)
  • Monthly Group Teleconference Call With Farming Experts CD Recording (Value: $198 per year)
  • Monthly “SPOTLIGHT on a FARMER” online video With Farming Experts (Value $660 per year)
  • Monthly “SPOTLIGHT on a FARMER” DVD With the Farming Experts (Value $396 per year)
  • Monthly “SPOTLIGHT on a FARMER” With the Farming Expertss CD Recording (Value $198 per year)
  • Four Quarterly Bonus Open Question And Answer Days (Value $440 per year)
  • Weekly Farming Success Secrets Emails Or Faxes (Value: $1200 per year)
  • 5% Discount On Books And DVDs


$ 97 Monthly
  • Everything that Silver Members gets
  • FREE Membership To The ‘Farming Secrets Club’ Private Forum (Value: $793 per year)
  • Four Quarterly Farm Consultations (Value: $1,408 per year)
  • Frequently Asked Questions - Knowledge Bank (Value $1100)
  • 10% Discount On Books And DVDs
  • List Item
Best Value

Copyright 2008 Hugo Disler While every attempt has been made to verify the information on this sales letter and the product being sold, neither the product owners, distributors, agents or publishers assume any responsibility for any error, inaccuracies, and or omissions or assume any responsibility or liability whatsoever on behalf of any purchaser or reader of these materials. Any slight on people, organizations, companies or products are unintentional. The income statements and examples on this sales letter are not intended to represent or guarantee that everyone will achieve the same results. Each individual’s success will be determined by his or her desire, dedication, farming background, effort and motivation to work and follow the program. There is no guarantee or duplicate results stated here. You recognize any business endeavour has inherent risk for loss of capital. Legal & Privacy Notices are available on request.