Failure was Not an Option

Gabe is like many farmers who have been forced into change due to their circumstances and maybe something similar has happened to you.

Here is Gabe’s story:

Well, my whole story is how I really went down this path is I got four years in a row where I lost my crop to hail and drought . My wife and I both took off farm jobs. It was really difficult. The neighbors were taking bets how long I’d last. Of the neighbors, there was only one that got hit three times. Nobody else got hit all four times. One got hit three times, and there were several that got hit twice, but I was the only one that got it all four years.

How I survived is I just grew things, yes, I took an off farm job to help pay the bills. Our daughter was born premature and we had some major medical expenses, so my wife and I were working off farm to pay that, but we basically just grew things. I had livestock. I veered out of any cash crops that required higher inputs because the bank wasn’t going to loan me any money for inputs.

Have you a story to share? If so, please tell us and share your story with others.


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