Everything On This Planet Relies On Photosynthesis

Us, everything on this planet relies on that simple equation – photosynthesis – these factors, these limiting conditions allowing plants to grow.And, of course, that’s what you’re in the business of. Farmers in the business of harvesting and growing, sunlight and CO2, converting that into plant biomass. You get then yields, and you hopefully get some dollars for yields, but let’s talk about that later. You don’t get enough dollars. But the point is that that’s what the business is.

We govern this through our management because as we manage soils if we have excessive cultivation, fertilisation, biocides, if we are using all these sorts of strategies, all of these of course oxidising carbon, burning off carbon back into the air.

This is a clip from “Walk the Talk” with Walter Jehne: Local Solutions With Global Implications filming available for Farming Secrets Members.

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Tip #5. Are you increasing your soil carbon levels?

We explain how to increase your soil carbon levels
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