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Left revegetation site from liquid residue after generating hydrogen from Green waste or hemp without irrigation.Right another company’s soil microbes with irrigation.

We can feed and power up the world with the magic of microbes and hemp.

Hemp has over 5000 uses .

In King Henry the 8th reign it was an offence not to grow 1/4 of an acre of hemp and if the peasant farmer did not he was fined a years wages .

The English navy used the hemp to build the sails used in the Spanish Armada .

Sri Lanka was a thriving ecomomy based on heml .

The industry was crushed by the British and the economy suffered immensely.

The wheel has turned again and restrictions on growing hemp are being removed in Australia and elsewhere .

Hemp can be used for fire proofing buildings to bioplastics from food to toilet paper.

If all farms grew hemp on 10% of their lands it would offset 64% of our current greenhouse gas emissions globally annually!

The conference show cases all aspects of the plant presented by experts in their fields .


Professor of Medicine Luis Vitetta

Researcher and developer of CBD oil in Australia

Professor Ian Brighthope Pioneer of Integrative and Nutritional Medicine , will speak on the topic of Canabanoids for medical purposes .


Dr. Omid Anari from Ecofibre .

Plant genetics and plant breeding to grow the most nutritious seed for protein and healthy oils.


Kirstie Wulf

Is a retired lawyer turned hemp builder.Kirstie is a regular speaker at the biannual Australian hemp conferences and runs regular workshops in building with hempcrete .

Sean Steed

Environmental Consultant and CEO of Change Climate has developed a bioresin that is non toxic and mixed with hemp hurd forms a fire proof load bearing hemp panel, bringing hemp into the 21st. Century.

Professor in microbiology Dr. Xiao Dong

Has isolated two microbes that generate hydrogen from hemp fibres . The solid residue can be used to make hempcrete or panels .

The liquid residue is a powerful organic fertiliser .

Another liquid fraction can be used to make an organic weed killer whilst the hemp leaves can be used to make an organic pesticide and foliar fertiliser with other organic inputs.

Dr . Christo Miliotis

will speak about using hemp to sequester vast amounts of carbon dioxide and bank it in the soil. Hemp can be used to detoxify soils contaminated by biocides. When planted along riparian ways it can trap agricultural fertiliser runoff and breakdown herbicides and pesticides to protect our waterways and coral reefs .


Tom Schroder

From South Pole will speak about carbon credits and reef credits obtained from Planting Hemp.

As hemp can sequester 80 tons of CO2 per hectare per year.

Andre Leu

President of Regenerative Agriculture International

Will present the principles of Regenerative agriculture to reverse climate change, improve ecosystem function , increase productivity and nutrient density and the role hemp can play in rehabilitating soils .

Andrew Kavalis

President of the Northern Rivers Hemp Farmers Association will share his practical knowledge of growing hemp for food and fibre.

Eric Love

CEO of the Center for Organic Research and Education will share his experiences of recycling of Green waste to form compost to increase yields , decrease weeds and plant diseases.

The volume of irrigation is decreased by 50% .

Water will be a precious resource in our climate challenged future .

The soilution to climate change lies beneath our feet and depends on what we choose to eat.

Remember taste the difference feel the difference and make a difference!

Catering will be 100% Organic

Scholarships will be offered to students by writing a submission as to how they will use the knowledge gained in their future careers .

Dr . Christo Miliotis convener

Alison Nolan events organiser .

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14-Nov-2020 @ 09:00 AM (AEST) to
15-Nov-2020 @ 05:00 PM (AEST)


Southern Cross University, Gold Coast Campus Gold Coast Airport, Terminal Dr, Bilinga QLD 4225, Australia, Southern Cross University, Gold Coast Campus


Southern Cross University

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