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#REXWorldTour2016 WANTED! Integrated Farm Planning Trainings!

April 19, 2016

Join leading farmers, agroecologists, engineers, consultants and trainers in attendance as together with leading regenerative agriculture planner and trainer, Darren J. Doherty (AU), we develop layer upon layer of realistic and holistically-tested strategies for the development of regenerative production landscapes.

Agriculture needs a critical reboot and the Regrarians Platform is a proven means by which to have the producers of today and tomorrow feed and steward our world.

“…Darren is the foremost farm water and hydration planner in the world…”
Joel Salatin, Polyface Farm Inc., Swoope, Virginia, USA


  • #REX1California, 9-18 March, Orella Ranch, Gaviota, CA, Book HERE
    300 acres, mediterranean, undulating, 15″ rainfall, cattle, agroforestry
  • #REX2Kansas, 22-31 March, Callicrate Cattle Company, St. Francis, KS, Book HERE
    1200 acres, temperate, undulating, 18″ rainfall, mixed livestock, agroforestry
  • #REX3Tennessee, 4-14 April, Hippo Hollow Farm, Columbia, TN, Book HERE
    150 acres, temperate, undulating, 50″ rainfall, mixed livestock
  • #REX4Chile, 19-28 April, Casa El Manzano, Bio Bio, Chile, Book HERE
    122ha, mediterranean, gentle, 675mm rainfall, vines, mixed livestock
  • #REX5Mexico, 4-13 May, Grupo Sierra Gordo, Queratero, Book HERE
    SubTropical, undulating, 800mm rainfall, mixed livestock, crops, agroforestry
  • #REX6Texas, 18-27 June, Integrated Acres, Douglass, Book HERE
    150 acres, warm temperate, 49″ rainfall, mixed livestock, agroforestry
  • #REX7Oregon, 3-12 June, Permaculture Design International, Albany, Book HERE
    350 acres, undulating, 40″ rainfall, mixed livestock, agroforestry
  • #REX9UK, 22-31 July, Goffin Land, Church’s Hill, Devon, Book HERE
    90 acres, cool temperate, 30″ rainfall, mixed livestock, agroforestry
  • #REX10NewYork, 6-15 August, Vermont Edible Landscapes, Whallonsburg, Book HERE
    60 acres, gently undulating, 45″ rainfall, mixed livestock, agroforestry
  • #REX12Morocco, 21-30 August, Integral Morocco, Ouled Hammou, Book HERE
    Mediterranean, undulating, 560mm rainfall, mixed livestock, agroforestry
  • #REX13France, 5-14 September, Coume Sourde, Aude, Book HERE
    100ha, mediterranean, undulating, 600mm rainfall, cattle, natural forest


April 19, 2016


Casa El Manzano, Bio Bio


Darren J. Doherty (AU)