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Plant Workshop: ‘Australian Grasses and Their Lookalikes’

February 21, 2016

We may think that the grass is always greener on the other side, but is it really a grass?

The first all-day workshop by the Cranbourne Friends for 2016 will focus on grasses and other allied relatives such as rushes, sedges, lomandras as well as members in the very ornamental iris family such as Diplarrena, Libertia and Patersonia.

The Lomandras are often lumped into the grasses category by nurseries. This Workshop will help you develop the skills to distinguish them, as well as grow them in gardens and revegetation projects. Grasses and their lookalikes add a different texture to a garden, and are extremely important for habitat as well as a food source for many insects and birds.

We are excited to announce that our speakers include grasses expert Dr Graeme Lorimer, RBGV botanist Neville Walsh, Dr Sue Murphy of Melbourne University Burnley Campus, indigenous plant expert Brian Bainbridge, experienced horticulturalist Rodger Elliot and botanical author Ian Clarke will talk about his latest publication “Name Those Grasses”.


February 21, 2016


Australian Garden Auditorium, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria – Cranbourne Gardens
VIC Australia


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