How Do You Establish Native Grasses?

Yep. You know probably the best answer to that I heard up in Cairns from Haggerty’s out in Western Australia.
They’re letting whatever comes naturally, the grasses come, you know?
They’re not going in there and interseeding a cover crop into that stubble or that crop aftermath.

They’re letting native species come in there.
They said it’s taking them several years, but now they have these low-growing native grasses that fill in that void.
That’s just succession reverting back to what it once was.
Now I don’t know if that’s a possibility where you’re at, but as hot and dry as you are there, you know?
I think there’s species that could survive that, but, Colin, help me out.
Would you recommend going in there and seeding something? I just have a hard time if it’s that.

Don’t have to necessarily-


Don’t usually use Roundup to start with, and usually, if they’re seeding the soil, perennials seeding the soil will steal the advantage.


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