It’s time to finally stop relying on COSTLY & HARMFUL inputs…

How to Improve Soil Fertility Naturally WITHOUT

Spending a Fortune on Costly and Harmful Inputs

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Speakers: Helen & Hugo Disler

Hugo and Helen are passionate to support farmers to farm without chemicals. They started Farming Secrets with the vision to film successful farmers and experts sharing their knowledge on how to grow a healthy soil with less stress, less inputs but with more profits

The result? Happy farmers producing nutrient-rich food for all and building a viable farm for future generations.


Presenter: Alan Broughton

a biological agriculture researcher and organic farming teacher based in Eastern Victoria. He has had extensive experience in farm management and setup both here in Australia and overseas.

What if you could STOP spending your hard-earned money on

costly inputs and improve soil fertility NATURALLY & CHEAPLY?

There’s hope for your farm and we can help you fall in love with your farm again!


The best part is that you DO NOT have to spend a fortune and everything you’ll be doing are long-lost farming secrets that improve soil fertility without the use of chemicals!


Yes, soil is complex. But ANY farmer can easily understand the basics… and all you need to know are the basics!


So are you interested in improving soil fertility naturally and cheaply?


The first step is to join my FREE webinar that will help you understand soil and how you can improve soil fertility without costly and expensive inputs!


Join us on this FREE webinar on [DATE & TIME]!

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What You’ll Learn in This FREE Webinar



  • Why nature doesn’t need inputs and why you should STOP using them
  • Why you shouldn’t use synthetic nitrates, pesticides, or herbicides
  • Common reasons why soil fertility is poor—toxins, over-simplified ecosystems, bare soil, absence of animals, etc.
  • Why you need to create diversity and how you can create diversity on your farm
  • The #1 reason why non-natural systems won’t last and why you should start switching to natural systems
  • The secret to improving soil fertility naturally and cheaply without the use of inputs
  • And much, much more!

Who This Webinar Is for…


This free webinar is for landowners—both full-time farmers and home gardeners. Basically, everyone who wants to understand their soil and obtain the best results from that soil without using costly and harmful inputs!

So what are you waiting for?

Join us on this FREE webinar on [DATE & TIME]

Only a few seats left!