Cows eat weeds!

Dr Fred Provenza has spent much of his life observing and managing animal nutritional behaviour.

It is all made to look so simple once it is all figured out!


  1. Mr. Sandy Asbill

    Your weeds can also be made ‘magnets’ for ‘bad-bugs’ using an intense ‘organic/natural’ system of soil fertility. This was demonstrated again this past Summer here in North Georgia, USA on a 45-acre vegetable and fruit farm located near Clarkesville. Whole fields of lettuce had zero insect damage (no holes in the leaves)from the Flea-hopper Beatle, which usually ravage lettuce. Only an intense fortified liquified compost program was used. This was the second year on the program.

    Whole fields of Sweet Corn (Silver Queen), under the same program, were avoided by the corn-ear worm, as well as all other corn damaging insects and diseases usually associated with corn production.

    An added advantage of getting the bugs to eat the weeds is that these weeds won’t be able to set seed, so the weed pressure will reduced for next year.

    Natural and Organic since 1973,
    Mr. Sandy Asbill
    Sangrit Enterprises
    C/o 255 Bob Patton Road
    Clarkesville, Georgia USA 30523

  2. Rich

    This looks great!! I am sending the link to John S. for consideration. Thx Rich


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