Can regenerative agriculture products find a premium niche?

You may have what people need when it comes to agriculture, but that doesn’t mean you have flow you were hoping for. It can be hard to make the market go your way. You may have something you strongly believe in but that doesn’t mean you will do well with it in the market. The good news is that the more conscious people are becoming about where food comes from, the more this industry will continue to grow. More and more people are looking for a natural approach to consuming their goods in an environmentally friendly way.

Key Takeaways:

  • Regenerative agriculture is hard to define but may include things such as cover crops, no-till production and inter-cropping.
  • A lot of companies are interested in regenerative agriculture but the problem is that you can’t monetize products made by it without certification.
  • Farmers may not have the time or money to change their entire farming process and may just continue to stick with the standards they’ve used previously.

“Despite Fraser’s warnings, farmers like McKenzie suggest that agronomic and efficiency benefits of regenerative agriculture may be enough to sell the practice to their neighbours, even if a distinct market does not appear.”

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