Bushfire Prevention – the Regenerative Way

Bushfires are becoming a much larger problem than wanted and there are things that are causing them as well as ways to help prevent them. The best way to prevent a bushfire is to learn how to manage fuel responsibly. Climate change is causing the content of Australia to experience their hottest and driest climate ever. Burning fossil fuels and a lack of healthy top soil is contributing to this. In order to help combat this, Soil Organic Matter needs to be increased as it helps lower the temperature of soil which can help reduce bush fire probability.

Key Takeaways:

  • The best way to prevent bush fires is to have a more responsible approach to fuel management.
  • In order to decrease the temperature on a property, the water holding capacity must increase. Soil Organic Matter in topsoil can help slow down water run-off.
  • When organic matter in topsoil increase, so does humidity and the soil temperature lowers which can prevent these bushfires.

“Besides burning fossil fuels, the way we use our Land is one of the main contributors to carbon emissions into the atmosphere, hence to Climate Change.”

Read more: https://www.stefanie-hildmann.com/blogsh/2020/bushfire-prevention-the-regenerative-way?fbclid=IwAR2f4JY0dxECvgx8yDSqN0bdA9dLbrIA9Sn2eG2cGMuhDNeDmD1zMQrRfsk

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