No Need to Go Organic

It’s all about a healthy ecosystem, because if we can improve the diversity, the health of our soils, diversity of the biology, the diversity of the plants above ground, then we’re going to provide the nutrient needs for our livestock. read more

How Animals Impact the Ecosystem

You have to decide that, what’s key. You’ve got to give enough recovery time for those roots to build back strength. It amazes me the amount of diversity that comes… read more

An Amazing Demonstration

This little section line there is between the two properties. This is ours over here. It really shows, really depicts. I often wonder what these cattle think of on this side… read more

Failure was Not an Option

Well, my whole story is how I really went down this path is I got four years in a row where I lost my crop to hail and drought. My wife and I both took off farm jobs. It was really difficult. read more

Saving Money with Cover Crops

The other thing we can use covers for is weed suppression. This was a field of a cover crop of sorghum sudangrass the previous year. This field did not have one. If we have sorghum sudan like that we are going to be able to produce… read more

Can You Match Or Beat This?

Now I’m going to show a little video here if I can get this to work, of how fast we can infiltrate an inch of water on our operation. I told you we started, we could infiltrate a half of an inch per hour. read more

Growing Cover Crops: I Can’t Screw Up!

Plants germinating and one of the things that it’s difficult for me to show you is, realize this is a journey. The young people who are starting down this journey today, or anyone starting down this path today of regenerative read more

Cover Cropping Increases Your Profits

What do I do with that cover crop then? Once it’s up and growing. I’ll convert it to dollars in a number of ways. We raise grass finish beef. It’s not difficult at all to get three plus pounds of gain per head per day read more



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