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How Can Our Farmers Get A Better Deal?

Farming and farmers are disadvantaged when it comes to government policy. This needs to be addressed to level the playing field. The next generation want the three C’s – they want Certainty, they want Clarity and they want Confidence.

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Devita Davison

It Has To Start With Love

That’s what we do at FoodLab Detroit. We provide technical assistance. We provide mentorship. We provide support to entrepreneurs in Detroit who are looking to use the power of business to solve a problem, a food-related problem, in the city of Detroit.

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Devita Davison

How to Grow A Common Vision For a Community

Growing is a big part of a huge lifestyle that we have in the city of Detroit, but I want to be clear that food is very intersectional. Not only are we growing the tomatoes and produce and other kinds of fruits and vegetables…

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