Wider Uses of the Astrological Calendar Part 4 of 6


Wider Uses of the Astrological Calendar
Listen as Hamish describes one sceptic who set out to disprove the effect of the lunar calendar on the behaviour of bees!

This is part 4 of 6 of Biodynamic Workshop with Hamish Mackay and John Priestley about Moon Phases
Practical applications from observing that it is a Full Moon Part 1 of 6
Understanding the Lunar Calendar Part 2 of 6
Visual results in plant growth when struck at different times in the lunar cycle Part 3 of 6
Wider Uses of the Astrological Calendar Part 4 of 6
The Future with Biodynamics and the Need for Some Biodiversity Part 5 of 6
Are We Flogging a Dead Horse? Part 6 of 6

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We explain how to increase your soil carbon levels
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