Differences of composting with and without biodynamic preparations Part 3 of 3

This is Part 3 of 3 of Biodynamic Composting Preparation with Hamish Mackay
Hamish recalls an experiment that a year 11 girl did with static compost piles.
Listen to hear the result of adding or not adding the BD preparations
Hamish Mackay talks of the difference of composting with and without biodynamic preparations.

Watch Hamish Mackay who is giving a practical demonstration of building a static compost pile. He is at Rod and Suzanne Windrim’s Krinklewood Vineyard, a biodynamic biodiverse farm which hosts classes to show fellow farmers the joys of farming in tune with nature.

Hamish Mackay talks about some of the basics of biodynamic composting
Hamish Mackay explains biodynamic preparations.
Hamish Mackay talks about some of the differences of composting with and without biodynamic preparations

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