What is a Good Microscope for Soil, Compost and Compost Tea Analysis?

Please also note that when buying a microscope, you need to consider the:

  • Adjustable light source – essential!
  • Trinocular head – 2 eyepieces and 1 digital camera attachment
  • Objectives – usually come in sets eg x4, x10, x40, x100 or x10, x20, x40, x100. If possible get X10, X20, X40. There is no need for x100.
  • Moveable stage.
  • Slide clips to position slide.

Buy the best microscope you can afford in the range that is suitable. Prices range from $300 to +$ 1200. Cameras can be $100 – $1000.


NOTE: Dr Mary Cole suggested buying locally may be a good idea as the microscope will need servicing.

For more details on microscopes and supplies please visit: http://agpath.com.au/Products/MicroscopeKits.aspx

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Dr Mary Cole is a trained mycologist/plant pathologist Mary also consults in crop protection and environmental agriculture whilst also running a quarantine laboratory on her country property. This rare
combination of skills has her on demand worldwide for her experienced and practical applications.

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