Australia: Land Restoration Fund Update: New funding announced for Queensland carbon farming …

In Australia, the Queensland government has created a Land Restoration fund that will open in late January. They plan to invest up to 100 million dollars in carbon farming projects. Carbon farming is extremely important with regards to climate change and this fund will help reduce carbon emissions, benefiting the climate. The fund is going to be used to develop land projects via vegetation, agricultural and/or savanna burning methods. They will all have to feature benefits to the environment, society or economy in order to occur with investment from fund. Queensland is doing it’s best to invest to change the climate change issue.

Key Takeaways:

  • According to key government officials in Australia, carbon farming is a way that they are trying to respond to climate change.
  • The Land Restoration fund is supposed to support the development of land-sector projects that use vegetation, agricultural and savanna burning methods.
  • Any carbon farming project will have to have environmental, social or economic co benefits which will be needed via fund investment.

“A key objective of the Fund is to provide landholders and land managers with financial support to establish additional, regular income streams.”

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