Allowing plants to recover costs nothing and is the answer for future regeneration.

David compares a photo of a plant and its roots that has been constantly grazed alongside another plant that has had 70 days recovery. David practices managed grazing.

David Marsh is one of the new pioneer farmers who are ecologically aware and whose methods can be seen as a bit strange when you are in the business of conventional farming. For 15 years he’s been using no imputs and has concluded that photosynthesis is the engine of life and that biodiversity is an important part of a high, intensive, energy using system. He claims that our landscape won’t support people in farming areas unless we start to work with nature. He now finds he can take time away from the farm to help other farmers and help the farming community to farm more profitability, more regeneratively and with far more satisfaction. This enhances the local onfarm ecology.

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