What Is Farming Secrets?

Farming Secrets supports farmers who are seeking how to take the steps to healthier farming. Over the many years of working with successful farmers and learning from world renowned experts Farming Secrets has acquired information over a wide range of farming systems that work. Through the generosity of others willing to be filmed and share their knowledge this information is now allowing farmers to farm with more profits and with more confidence. Farmers are getting back control of their farm by knowing that the choices they make are going to take little to implement and will take the farm forward.

Modern farming or Industrial farming which has become popular since 1945 is run in the main by massive vested interests, interests that make money from goods sold to farmers. For a long time through mainstream media farmers have been led to believe that these various products are indispensible for maintaining and improving yields and for reducing problems such as pests, weeds and diseases. In fact a farmer is told that the only way to stay profitable is to keep using these products. However there is now growing evidence that the modern industrial farming model progressively, since its inception, is reducing farmers’ net income as costs sneak up at a greater rate than the prices farmers are getting for their produce taking inflation into account. It’s evident farmers no longer can support their families. Family members are getting off farm jobs. Farmers can no longer afford a farm hand if they can find one!

Farmers now have to get bigger returns to do more with their resources e.g. where they could make ends meet with 1,000 sheep now they need 3,000 sheep to get the same net worth from the sheep to keep a farm going. Farmers are reporting that the inputs to grow a crop are getting disproportionally higher. They have to work bigger areas, buy bigger machines. Farmers are telling us that it’s costing more to keep their stock in good health. They are giving them more drenches, more aids then what they were 20-30 years ago and in many cases the stock are no better, in fact they say they are getting more tail enders, stock that they haven’t been able to finish off in time for the market window.

Hugo and Helen Disler with Farming Secrets have successfully reversed this. Their clients have increased net profits on the same farm. Past persistent problems have eased or gone away and their clients are happier farmers. There is nothing worse to a farmer than failed crops, lower than expected yield or sick and/or dead stock. It’s very stressful.

Taking the Farming Secrets approach you get more good things happening

What we are proposing to farmers is not altogether new but it’s been hidden from farmers. Modern industrial farming has offered quick fixes but often with hidden extra costs. So the quick remedy often becomes quite expensive.

Question: Why haven’t the farmers heard your message before?

We and other like-minded people have now got a number of farmers in all districts who can be witnessed to have achieved better more profitable and more joyful farming. So the results are out there now

Question: What is stopping farmers making the change?

Industrial farming is a well oiled machine or treadmill. Farmers and people in general have been taught to trust others. We have trusted our parents, we have trusted our teachers we even trust authority police and political leaders, more importantly we trust our education system especially the rural education system. The education system that exists in the current system in rural university and rural colleges is in fact heavily weighted towards industrial farming and increasingly funded by commercial interests. So the farmer gets information from the rural institutes from consultants trained by the rural institutes and even from their own children who have been sent to their rural teaching bodies only to get one version of farming the industrial model – the model that is for the quick cures and quick fixes to the farmers’ problems. This approach in the main does not work over time as it does not look at what causes the problem.

For example cropping farmers may spray for weeds only one, two or three times whereas our more advanced farmers do not spray at all. The presence of weeds is not the result of lack of weedicide; their presence is evidence that there is something wrong in the soil.

Our farmers will fix up the “something wrong in the soil” to get a weed free crop. Funnily enough fixing up “there is something out of kilter in the soil” is far cheaper than using weedicide. We have farmers who are ahead in the first year. This is just one example of how at Farming Secrets we use scientific and practical research and existing farmer knowledge and their practice to study and work with nature. It’s the process of understanding how nature works in embracing the process where the hidden profits for farmers are. There are farmers in every country who are benefiting from working with nature’s forces.

At Farming Secrets we have been studying this for over 40 years and have developed some remarkable easy to implement and cost effective methods that make farming more profitable and more enjoyable. No farmer wants sick crops or sick stock and then has to try to patch up the sick stuff with remedies.


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