ABC Landline – Biological Farming features Tony Evans, Camperdown Compost

Farming Secrets recently filmed Tony Evans of Camperdown Compost and the excellent work that he is doing with waste management on dairy farms. You can see and hear more of Tony on this blog.

Also you can see more of his work  on the ABC Landline website which featured his work this week along with Gary Zimmer and others.

The report starts with Anne Kruger, Presenter who says: You’ve probably heard of the term biological farming. But what exactly does it mean? Those who practise it say it’s a way of farming that combines scientific methods with common sense.

In essence, it’s all about the soil, the so-called building blocks of life. Biological farming aims to encourage the beneficial microorganisms in the soil. And those who’ve embarked on it say it’s transforming their farms and their lives.

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