5 Agriculture Web Designs and What They Have in Common

The agriculture industry is one of the largest in the world and it keeps on growing with new developments in technology. Today, you see agricultural businesses and farms actively use social media platforms and reach out to customers through their websites. It has quickly become one of the most effective ways to engage the consumer. This is why good web design in agriculture is now prioritized by many businesses.

It’s how you as an agriculture business owner can expand your target market and attract customers immediately. Now, this brings us to the question, what makes up an attractive agriculture web design?

Well, take a look at these 5 agriculture web designs that have managed to make an impression and find out what they all have in common!

1.      Arla Foods UK

large image with headline and navigation bar above it

The web design of Arla Foods UK has used big pictures of both people and animals to give their audience an idea of their products. Now, this agriculture business is already known across the globe and has dairy farms in many countries.

It doesn’t matter whether people are already familiar with the name or not, Arla in the UK has designed their web page in a way that engages new as well as old customers.

The use of large pictures and font is one thing that you will find in common in successful agriculture web designs. These can be of animals, the farmers, or farms, or just include them in your business logo. A striking agricultural brand logo design can also be highly effective in attracting attention if it’s designed well and features striking colors and imagery.


2.    Openfield.co.uk

Orange and white image with farming icons and large text

Usually, you will find a lot of agricultural web designs featuring horizontal layouts. This means that there might be one or two large headers on the home page with white space below or sometimes on the sides. By keeping the web design horizontal, you can keep things clear, and precise and also create a feeling of space and openness.

When you will go through Openfield’s web page, you can see how effective this is. There is a small tagline appearing on the header that is informational and welcomes customers as well. Its horizontal layout tells people as much as possible about Openfield, its processes, and new developments without having too much crammed into it.

Like this business, the Beck Ag website has also made good use of a minimalist design and horizontal webpage.


3.      National Corn Growers Association

large image with headline and corn in the background with a green and white navigation bar

You might be wondering why this is included in the list but if you take a look at their website, you will get an idea. The topmost thing that you will find common in agriculture web designs is the use of the colors such as green, white, and black. Green has to be present because it is known to immediately connect with consumers due to being a color of nature.

White and black highlight the font and make a good contrast. Many agriculture businesses also feature warm and earthly colors such as orange and yellow but they follow a natural theme.

If you look at the web pages of both the agriculture businesses mentioned above, you will find that their color palette carries some shade of green, and white or black in the font. For the Nation Corn Growers Association website, the audience cannot miss anything. Be it the call-to-action or header drop-down menu that has a black background, everything is easy to navigate.

4.      Foster Farms

farm equiment with white and yellow text and logo on the top right corner

This privately owned poultry company has a website that makes it stands out. With splashes of yellow and large, bright pictures, it instantly engages the visitor. It features a slider on the homepage with important information and a tall footer at the end.

While you may not see sliders in a lot of web designs of agriculture or farm type, the higher-than-usual footer is an element that agriculture businesses take advantage of. All of the four websites mentioned above have a tall footer in common.

Some have used it for sharing company information, whereas else others have added call-to-action links and contact details. When it comes to designing websites for agriculture businesses, footers play an important part. They not only make the web pages more user-friendly but also give the business owner space to display more information.

5.      Agrofoto

farming land with green crops and white headline with a green button

This little-known agriculture business is located in Wroclaw, Poland. Its website design is one of the reasons why it has made the list. The layout is horizontal in a way with the typical large picture of green farming land covering most of the home page. The menu is in the header much like every other good agriculture business website.

While the rest of the page features information along with links to the products and services. This web design is also prominently designed in green, black, and white.

It doesn’t matter where your agriculture business might be located, there are a few elements in design that remain the same everywhere.

This small farming business might not be able to make a splash in the market like the others but its web design is something that other creators can look to for inspiration.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, these creative web designs for the agriculture business can help you take yours to greater success.


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Photo by Benjamin Davies on Unsplash

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